Monday, June 16, 2014

West Virginia is another state

This morning. tents were covered in dew, but had to pack them wet. No choice. Rudy's family is meeting us for breakfast in Winchester, VA.

Rudy reloading the Beast
Rudy's family - Rudy, Karl, Katherine, Donna.
We ride through old town Winchester, a lot of history.
We spot an old building with a sign: George Washington's office. Whipped into a parking spot to grab a couple of photos.
Before I could snap a photo, the city parking meter enforcement officer was on the scene, wanting to write me up for not putting a quarter in the meter. Can't he see I am wearing my official vest.
By the time all the words were spoken, handshakes exchanged, Richard Webber poses for a photo with Jerry Hausworth, the curator of George's office in front of G.W.'s office. Jerry is a 1972 Aggie from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.
It's the great people you meet on trips like this, the sights are nice, but the people are more interesting.
Speaking of interesting people, riding through a dark twisting section of roadway in West Virginia, I spot a man parked on the side with his car truck open. I think maybe he's selling moonshine out of it, so I make a u-turn to meet him. Have never tasted any famous West Virginia shine before.
Roy is filling two liter plastic coke bottles with water coming out of the side of the mountain. Maybe for making shine....?
The trunk of his car is filled with coke boottles, some filled, some empty.
Then I notice the sign, says: Unsafe Water Supply. Roy, is this water safe? He looks around first, then confides to me. The people around here think this water has aphrodisiac properties. I look at Roy, then at all the bottles. I have to ask. "Roy, does it work?" He laughs so hard his belly shakes. Says he has been coming here to get his daily water for twenty some years. So I do what any normal smart intelligent man would do...
Was the biggest bottle I had..........
A coal train loaded and heading out.
We are in Grafton, WV tonight.
Nite Da'mit



  1. Haven't been to West Virginia for quite a while but I remember it being a beautiful state.

    I like the train photo.

  2. Good to see you guys making good progress! Saw Le Moto's posting on FB about your visit to him, good deal....

  3. You will be passing through my home town of Bridgeport today! Unfortunately Rt 50 gets a bit less interesting for the western part of the state. Have a great ride!

  4. Jan: been great following you. Love the photos. You might want to check the Picture Control app on the camera. Some of the shots are over saturated.

    We will be heading up the coast to New Haven in a few days.

  5. Harry, you and Irene have a safe trip. Thanks for the tip,will check settings.


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