Friday, June 13, 2014

Crossing Virginia

Rudy and I rode 275 miles across southern Virginia to meet up with Dave (VW) before going up to Ocean City to start the big ride. After 60 miles we stopped for breakfast at a small stand-up diner.

Eggs are usually a safe choice anywhere in the world. Three hours later, I could still feel them like a heavy brick laying in my stomach. Too much fat, grease and butter.

Stopped to put on our rain suits near the Isle of Wright county courthouse. This is the inscription.

Near by was the July 4th Barn display...
To reach Yorktown, We rode the Jamestown ferry.
Arrived at Theresa and Dave's house in Yorktown, had a great meal, serviced our rigs and prepared for an early morning departure.
Tomorrow we ride up to Ocean City to start the C2C50.
Nite Da'mit



  1. Looking forward to the actual C2C50's start.....the prequel was exciting enough, I hope your rigs are boringly reliable and without issue.

  2. Thanks Dom. looking forward to the actual start myself.


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