Monday, July 18, 2016

2016 USCA Sidecar Rally

The USCA National Sidecar Rally was held in Hotchkiss, Colorado in early July, so rode the Grey Phantom from New Mexico up following a portion of the Continental Divide Trail.

Here is a 12 minute video of the ride and rally for those interested..

The beautiful green and cream Indian sidecar rig belongs to my friend Muzzleflash. Three of us rode URAL sidecar rigs coast to coast following old Route 50 two years ago. Now he rides in style and faster with the Indian.

Am still studying and learning iMovie editing. This is my third video, but the first using the SONY Action Camera. In future videos I hope to see improvement in smoothing the panning and editing. Was surprised at the amount of memory video editing requires. 

The ride itself?  KLR handled the trail well, no issues with the bike. Still sorting out a few issues with the sidecar: mounts and placement of weight. Weak points were revealed, excess and repetitive tools will be removed and solutions to a few remaining issues is being sought. 

Issues to resolve: 
Replace the PVC tool tube/foot rest. After hitting a rock it shattered, leaving sharp pointed ends sticking out.  Removed it on the trail as being too hazardous. 
Where and how to carry drinking water
Constant vibration of sidecar board
More secure strapping of gas cans
 Some nuts and bolts thought they wanted to be free. Constant vibrating will do that. 
Apply loktite to ALL nuts and bolts, no matter the size.

Thanks for following along.