Friday, August 15, 2014

Grandpa's Summer Camp

After returning from the cross country ride, was given the opportunity to spend a week with two of my grandsons, Hudson (age 7)  and Harrison (age 5). Thinking they would enjoy the fresh mountain air and cooler temperatures on Northern New Mexico in August (I know I would). decided to take them there. Just the three of us, H&H and Grandpa.

It's a two day drive from their Texas home to Angel Fire, so we stopped at interesting places to break up the drive.

While Grandpa looked at the old cars on display, the boys held a conference with Yoda.

 Never the one to be shy, Harrison introduced himself to Marilyn.

Once in the mountains, the rule was no TV during daylight hours, Only after dark. So we did drawing, reading, Legos, puzzles...

and hiking. Lots of hiking in the mountains, some gravel roads, some trails, even off trail. We looked for animals, animal tracks, identifying tracks, determining which way the animal was going and hoping to see more animals. The boys spotted a black bear which sent up alarms, but we finally decided it was safe to approach.  Even took some photos posing with it. 

While there are both black bear and cougars up there, we didn't see any live ones. 

From local aspen trees, we made height appropriate walking sticks. Then taught the boys the proper way to use the sticks when side-saddling a mountain slope, crossing streams, etc. Every one carried their own water and snacks on the hikes. At 8200 ft elevation, hiking can be breath-taking. 

Had a great time with the boys, the weather cooperated. The temperatures at night were mid-forties and daily highs in mid-70's. Low humidity. Usually a late afternoon shower that didn't last long. My kind of perfect weather. 

We saw mule deer, coyotes, antelope and 38 elk. Plus they put up with my cooking with few complaints to the chef. What troupers they are.

The hills are alive, with the sound of ..........   Next year, yodeling!  This could become an annual event.

Da'mit stayed home on this trip.

Nite Da'mit