Monday, November 8, 2021

Fall Weather Arrives ?

Sharing a recent fall photo of New Mexico aspen trees. 

Fall appears to be moving in on the left while summer is not letting go on the right.  Is this a split season ?


Rode the WartHog, my sidecamper,  to the Houston BMW Club's 51rst annual rally at Oak Thicket Park near Fayetteville, TX.

Night temperature was 40, warming up to 60+ during the day.

Grabbed a couple early morning iPhone photos with the sun filtering in through the leaves. Only three sidecar rigs at the rally, two Goldwings and a Triumph Rocket 3.  Does that tell you something?

The Rocket 3 WARTHOG sidecamper;  sleeping on the cold hard ground is overrated.  

Recently install a solar panel to charge a lithium battery that warms the bed at night. 
Am high tech roughing it - wiring the panel was hard work...... NOT!

Robert, his wife and their little dog (who hates camping) share a larger pull behind pop up camper trailer. 
Here with their Goldwing rig.

Marty and his wife stayed warm all night in their camper.