Monday, November 8, 2021

Fall Weather Arrives ?

Sharing a recent fall photo of New Mexico aspen trees. 

Fall appears to be moving in on the left while summer is not letting go on the right.  Is this a split season ?


Rode the WartHog, my sidecamper,  to the Houston BMW Club's 51rst annual rally at Oak Thicket Park near Fayetteville, TX.

Night temperature was 40, warming up to 60+ during the day.

Grabbed a couple early morning iPhone photos with the sun filtering in through the leaves. Only three sidecar rigs at the rally, two Goldwings and a Triumph Rocket 3.  Does that tell you something?

The Rocket 3 WARTHOG sidecamper;  sleeping on the cold hard ground is overrated.  

Recently install a solar panel to charge a lithium battery that warms the bed at night. 
Am high tech roughing it - wiring the panel was hard work...... NOT!

Robert, his wife and their little dog (who hates camping) share a larger pull behind pop up camper trailer. 
Here with their Goldwing rig.

Marty and his wife stayed warm all night in their camper.



  1. Wow! Three campers w/sidecars. You’ve started a trend…

    1. The wave of the future... is here now.
      Thanks Richard

  2. Digging it, amigo...

    I expect to do a few nights of winter camping in Vermont next month. Got to get back up there to finish putting the roof on the lean-to Jonny, Adam and I started building some weeks ago. It's 2000 feet up, already single-digit nights there. Gonna be frosty! And yeah, sleeping on frozen ground like the hard cases we are.

    1. Young pups enjoy sleeping on the cold wet ground??? While the grey beards snore loudly in their pop ups... Big smile here.

  3. Like Richard said.... you're a trendsetter!

  4. Remember well pulling into a very wet Teslin River crossing campgrounds in the Yukon several years ago after riding in cold rain all day. My nephew Nestor finally set up his tent after searching in the dark for a spot with no standing water while the sidecamper was quickly set up high above any water flow. Rained all night long. His gear and sleeping bag were soaked by morning. Yeah, I want to tent again... ?

    Wisdom comes from making mistakes... once. Foolishness dwells in not learning from mistakes.

  5. Great pics! I am so spoiled with regular hotels, I am not sure I could ever sleep in a bike camper trailer, lol

    1. Kolfa, the sidecamper allows me to ride as long as I want each day, find a quiet spot come evening and set it up. No need to pay for a campgrounds. If there are people around, ask them if you can camp there. 95% of the time they say yes. If am in a secluded hidden spot, no one to ask. Set it up. No one even knows I am there.

      On long trips when riding since sun up, am tired and in bed sleeping by sundown.

      The sidecamper gives me more flexibility on where I can camp than a trailer camper would.

      Every so often, get a motel room for a hot shower and laundry.

    2. Glad you enjoy the pics. Thank you


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