Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2021 Photos in Review

When it comes to photography, 2021 was a year of contrasts, some high, some low, some new, some old.

Normally I don't do portraits, but in reviewing the images from last year, 
there were a few shots of personalities, so...

Mr Newman, a baker who visited Europe fifty years ago, 
built himself a castle complete with moat, in the central Texas woods.

If I were King...

John Klein, expert welder, fabricator, motorcycle rider
now 82 years old, self-employed, still working every day.

Keith is an intense quiet one, and a great photographer

A young engineer patiently waits for the old boiler to build steam..

Engine No. 487 puffing early morning coal smoke at the rail yard in Chama

Cumbres & Toltec rail yard, Chama, NM

The Yard Boss inspects the rails... 

From the loud, coal dust dirty rail yard to the quiet serene of a cold mountain stream...
a young man gets his first lesson in fly fishing

Six year olds play football with all the intensity of the pros,
Bears complete their first pass

A Vikings player makes a flying tackle on the Bears quarterback

May in the Smokey Mountains of South Carolina, was a gathering of sidecar rigs

First a beautiful red HP rig (High Performance)

Contemplating life with a cigar

This shot of Bob on his green Kawasaki rig became the front cover of a magazine.

 Sidecamper set up for a good night's rest

Texas sunrise...
A vital artery bridge for the Houston community

...and a Texas sunset at Oak Thicket Park.
Who knew a coal powered electricity generating unit could be so tranquil.

Then there is New Mexico... 
sunrise on Wheeler Peak.

San Francisco church in Rancho de Taos

Meadow Divided, 
with the yellow of fall aspen pushing against the green of summer not wanting to leave just yet.

Old Mill in Mora, NM

Unnamed country church near La Cueva, NM

January snow in the northern New Mexico valley

Winter eve at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, NM

Snowy gate


Thus ends another year of exploring, looking and capturing the images I see in my mind.

2021 is just another chapter in the history, 
2022 is a clean page waiting to be written... where will you go?

I think I'll first head south of the border before I head north of the border this year.

Happy New Years everyone,

Ride safe, Ride far



  1. An amazing collection! How will you top those this year?? What an eye you have...

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. All one can do is practice, practice, practice, in hopes to maybe getting one great image in a lifetime. Since there is no guarantee of that happening, best enjoy the journey.

  2. Great pics CCjon, as always! The last one is really nice, getting the shadows right. The pic of your sidecar camper all set up for the night, made me think of throwing the tent into the Sammy and going off for a short camping trip....but reality prevailed, no going back to tent camping for me. The RV has ruined me for such camping.... :)

    1. Thanks. Getting that subtle shadow across the snow was the focus, a cold low lying fog helped fade out some of the background.

      Like you, my tenting days are over. I like being able to stand up to pull my pants on in the morning.

  3. Great compilation of 2021 pictures!

    1. Kolfa, thank you, hope you and yours are having a great new year. Looking forward to new and exciting adventures this year.

  4. Your pictures evoke many emotions and, because of our trip to NM, lovely memories. *good long sigh*

    1. Knowing you find a multitude of sentiments in my photos is very rewarding, thank you. Love you M.


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