Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Rush of Birthdays

Spring is the time for birthdays around here.  First up, Sergio in mid- March....

Amanda and Sergio with Buckley, Amber's new puppy.

Then Alan's birthday, a day he teaches his boys how to walk into a glass door.


Then it was Adrian's first birthday. Being shown the proper way to eat your cake and have it to....

First of May was Harrison's birthday. He turned five, celebrating with a party at Pump It Up with his older brother Hudson, Mom and Pop.

Yesterday was Grandpa's or Abu's birthday. Decked to the nines Texas style, with the lovely wife on my arm, we went to see a live production of the musical Evita.

More birthdays coming later, but for now....

Our dog Mona Lisa tries to to stare down her shadow today...

Actually, she's not that dumb. She's looking at the dogs on the other side of our back fence.

Too much cake and wine, had to work it off in the garage today by mounting two tires on Da'mit for the upcoming ride.

Later Da'mit

Sunday, May 4, 2014

East Texas Sidecar Muster 2014

Riding 200 miles across a spring time lush green East Texas is both relaxing and re-energizing. The smell of fresh cut pine trees as the lumber trucks rumble by on their way to the paper mills, dogwood trees releasing their small flowers into the wind, newborn colts cautiously eyeing a new world from the safety of their mother's side.
Rolled into the Holly Park campgrounds on the rim of Toledo Bend Reservior, many sidecarists have already arrived and are socializing.
Art, the Chief Cook half of Art & Rosa's Sidecar Tamales, was hard at work setting up and getting ready to feed a gathering crowd, inspite of having by-pass surgery earlier this year.
After struggling to hang the hammock, following a set of internet instructions on how to easily and quickly hang a hammock, (Do NOT believe everything you read on the internet). Finally got it to stay up.
Now to snap some sidecar photos.
First, SwampFox's pride and joy.. the only question is, when are you going to Alaska? All adventure rigs like this want to go to Alaska.
Now more three wheel eye candy...
Some people even ride their rigs, like Queen Bee around the campgrounds. Says she is going to decorate her rig with hundreds of little yellow bees
No rally is complete without Pups in a Tub....

A Methodist church up the road was having a Saturday Morning breakfast, so a number of us rode over to help their fund raiser. The food was hot, home-made church ladies cooking' some of the lightest biscuits ever with sausage gravey, bacon, eggs, blueberry pancakes, juice and coffee. It was located near ...

Great location for great food from the skilled hands of great ladies.

Stay slim Da'mit, many roads to ride and miles to get there.