Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 Photo Wrap Up

2020 has been a year of strange, challenging and most unusual events. Here to wrap up the year in pictures are several photos taken, diverse, unrelated yet... there we were.

Like the doorways in an abandoned Texas ranch house,  
we entered 2020 not knowing what lie in wait.

Fayetteville Ranch House, Texas 2020

Innocently we proceeded into the year...

Jefferson Boardwalk, Texas 2020

The Houston Marathon kicked off the spring season of camera clicking.

Under the Bridge, Houston 2020

Then came the Houston Rodeo in March, which was suddenly cancelled mid-show. No one knew quite what to make of the Wuhan Flu, as was then called. Now why some protested saying that word was racist to the Chinese yet had no problem referring to the Spanish Flu go 1918... ?
 are some cultures protected, privileged or is it all BS PC Word Policing? 

Braids - Rodeo Cowgirl, Houston, 2020

Curtis's Last Rodeo, Houston 2020

Next up took a photography safari to Iceland to capture the sights... 
Can one say safari though not going to Africa?

iPhone photo from inside the bus of distant mountains, Iceland  2020

Inside the ice cave looking out,  wondering how our guide got up there...

Climbing the Ice, Iceland 2020

The summer found us spending more time in New Mexico, trying different photo techniques, hiding from the virus and healing from dental surgery. 

Brilliant New Mexican Clouds with Rainbow, New Mexico 2020

Experimented and learned a lot with night sky photography. 
In this shot captured two planets, the milky way and Taos lights. 

Celestial Events,  New Mexico 2020

During the day, was spent looking for scenic spots with streams and rivers 
to practice slow shutter speed shots of running water.

Red River, New Mexico 2020

Fall made itself known by the changing aspen colors and falling leaves. 

High Meadow, New Mexico 2020

Back in Texas, several Fall visits were made to Caddo Lake in northeast Texas. 

Boathouse, Caddo Lake 2020

The bald cypress tree leaves turn red before dropping. 
These red colors only last for about a week, maybe ten days. 

Fall Bayou Colors, Caddo Lake 2020

The Snowy Great Egret at home in the bayou. 

Spanish Moss, Caddo Lake 2020

Finally winter came and we retired to staying indoors more, avoiding large groups, parties and family. Everyone says at our age and with our ailments we are more susceptible to catching the virus. 
Which could be serious. so we avoided... whatever.

First Snow, New Mexico 2020

Truth be told, actually this photo was taken in August, but when converted to black & white, 
it changed to a snow scene. The camera eye sees all and easily deceives. 

Hope your year 2020 was interesting and a learning experience, in spite of the virus scare.  We'll keep learning new techniques, seeking new sights, improve our skills and hopefully venture out more in 2021. 

More sidecar riding is being planned. 

Happy New Years to you and yours