Saturday, June 21, 2014

Crossing Illinois into Missouri

Today we ride along old sections of route US-50. Some of the old bridges are still standing. but access is impossible

Da'mit still hasn't learned the difference between turn left and turn right. Here we are lost in southern Illinois.

Then she finds a playground for farmer's children. Who else would have a John Deere swing set.

We came across the intersection of US 50 going east-west and US51 going north - south. Is not the physical center of the country, but we are getting there.

Then we spotted this bit if philosophical wisdom.... or whatever. Must have meant a lot to the person who build and erected it. Is that a Jonathon Livingston Seagull quote?

We rode into Eureka, MO looking for Dave Clark's Forever Endevour Cycle shop. he is the Ural dealer here. Seems a couple of weeks ago he moved his store a few miles away to Pacific, MO for much larger space. Dave and his family welcomed us, fed us and listened to our stories.. great people. Dave is very knowledgable on setting up sidecar rigs. He correctly set up Damit in 20111 when she was first sold. Have not had to readjust the lean-out or toe -in in the 32,000 kms I have ridden her. Make sure you stop in to visit Dave and his family when in the area.

We reached Jefferson City for the night. No rain on us today. Hot but a good ride. US50 crossing Southern Missouri, Illinois and Indiana is loaded with easy curves, hills and dips, a fun Ural day.

Nite Damit.



  1. CCjon, 20111......looking forward to the arrival of your group to Colorado.

  2. Nice looking John Deere and only $2600! What a bargain!


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