Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crossing Louisiana

Was a hot and humid day to start a cross country ride. Stopped by the local temple for a blessing or two. This is always a quiet and peaceful oasis in a noisy frantic city like Houston.


Da'mit liked the defender statue. Thinks it matches her strong and aggressive stance. Personally I prefer the ready lion - awake, alert and ready to play with a ball.

From the oasis, it took four hours to get to the nearest state line, Louisiana. Was warned there was a Pow Wow going on that day in East Texas be never saw any tribal members out. Not many motorcyclists on the road, only a few Harleys. Motorcycle riders in the South are accused of being two season riders - Spring and Fall. Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to ride.

Am still surprised at how friendly Harley riders are to Da'mit. At every stop for gas or a cold drink, if there was a Harley rider there, they came over to check out Da'mit and talk. Was offered several prayers for a safe journey. Da'mit and I will accept interdenominational offers for a safe trip.

Then it was a hot and humid ride across central Louisiana the rest of the day. Had to turn around to grab a photo of this..... not something you see up north.

The Battle flag of the south next to leather camels made in Egypt, next to a sun with sunglasses, next to a basketball backboard... the things one can find in a flea market.

By late afternoon we crossed the Mississippi River into Natchez. Here we'll rest and start up the Natchez Trace Parkway in the morning.

A hot start to a long ride, Da'mit is running smooth and strong. Life is good.

Nite Da'mit




  1. Good update CCjon, glad you found the recent issue easier to resolve....happened to me as well on my '95 Sportsman. Did you order a replacement hub from Holopaw? I am sure someone along the way can relace the wheel for you.....

  2. Glad the ride continues!! I will have to stop at that Temple! Looks like my sort of place! Interesting flea market there as well lol.
    Safe travels Abu! Looking forward to the next post. Lots of love!

  3. Me alegra mucho que pudo solucionar tan rápido la falla de Da'mit y continuar su recorrido. Puesto que está recibiendo oraciones, puede agregar mi oración que se une a las oraciones que ya tiene, para que Dios lo siga protegiendo y solucionando las dificultades.

    Buen viaje siempre,



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