Monday, June 16, 2014

June 15 - Universal Joints in DC

Sunday morning we are on the road leaving Salisbury, MD. Traffic is light so we are cruising at Ural speed - 50- 55 mph. Rudy (Muzzleflash) starts hearing an extra clunk everytime he shifts gears. Need to watch that.. As we near Washington DC, the clunking is louder and more consistant. Not good.

Three heads together and we hatch a plan to located Gobium (Van) a Ural rider with a lot of experience and parts for Urals. We locate his house and arrive there, only an hour after he drives in from San Antonio, Texas. Is unpacking his car as we pull up.

A quick diagnosis shows the drive shaft universal joint on the Beast (Rudy's rig) has gone bad. Only 17,000 kms too.

Van and Rudy install a new universal joint as the old one could not be repaired easily.

Van rides with us to the edge of Arlington to make sure we get back on the right road.

Now running behind schedule, we ride in the nations capital looking for the monuments. Traffic is a mess when you don't know where you are going. Since I have on the Street maintenance hi-viz vest, I take charge. We park in a no parking zone so we can photograph the rigs in front of the Washington Monument. I start directing traffic around us whiler the other two snap the photos. A policeman across the median waves us to move. I wave back, point at the rigs and continue directing traffic.

At the Lincolm Memorial, We park off the street up on the grass. Again, I direct traffic and they shoot photos.
At Arlington National Cemetary, we park the rigs and walk, and walk, and walk to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Here we watched a very crisp guard performing their routine patrol in front of the tomb. At 4 pm , the guard changing ceremony was performed. All very military, very respectful and very quiet . It was surprising how quiet the crowd was throughout it all. Many high school kids here today.

Of course, I had to get a shot of Audie Murphy's tomb, a Texas hero and legend.

Next the US Marine Corp memorial.
Rudy, Dave and I, we're getting some sun riding too. Once again I directed traffic and we got some great shots. This traffic directing gig is working so well, we decided that all three of us should be wearing hi-viz vests and no one will question whatever we do..... hmmmmm?
While we're here, I decide to test my new Panasonic Point-n-shoot camera. The shot above is from that camera, as well as the next two.... all taken from the same position.

I am pleased with the zoom results and quality of this little camera.

Leaving DC, we wanted to stop at 29 Diner, a US50 institution for travelers on the old road. It was closed for restoration. Well, on to our final destination for the day, Sky Meadow State Park in Veirginia where we plan to camp for the night. It came highly recommended.

Arriving at the Park, tthe ranger tells us no motorcycles allowed inside the park. Yet there is no sign saying that. Did he just make it up or....? He says we can park outside the gate, walk in, carrying our gear to a camp site a mile away. Yeah, and leave our rigs unsecured outside the Park all night. So, Anybody thinking of camping at SKY MEADOW STATE PARK, avoid it all all costs.


Coule oof miles down the road we spot a faded sign for a campground, turn left go 1/2 mile. We try it, ground is level, quiet, restrooms and hot water in the showers, $25 for the three tents. We take it. Even has a fire pit, but we are too tired to use it.

They said we could camp down by the lake, but we plan to be back on the road early. Quiet night, slept well.

Directing traffic can wear a man out.


Nite, Da'mit



  1. Pretty nice that you were able to find someone with parts, skill and willingness to work on the rig. Is that u-joint grease able or is it one of those "lifetime" things?


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