Friday, June 20, 2014

Leaving Ohio

Spent a pleasant day and two nights with my 96 year old father and two sisters. Now Heindl Engineering was holding open a time slot for me to have Da'mit adjusted and fine tuned. Jon Heindl is great for that type of work. Left Northwest Ohio for Eaton before sunrise.

An Ohio farm sunrise.
Heindl Engineering, David and Jon, are located about seven miles southeast of Eaton. Here are Rudy, Jon, David, Dave and myself. They are successfull in buildiing a Ural dealership in southeast Ohio. Stop here for your Uraal needs.


Going through Hamilton, Ohio, we spotted this archway. Had to investigate. Were a few german style buildings, then there was "The Homely Sister" not sure what they sell there. Your guess is as good as mine.


We had a UDF today. Not your normal "Hey, what kind of machine are you riding?" But a whole big building of UDF in Indiana.


Then we found a giant Pick-Up Sticks" game. Tried but Da'mit refused to move the pieces.
Tonight we are camping in the Charles C. Dean Wilderness, part of the Hoosier National Forest, near Bloomington, IN. Dave was going to sleep on the ground, until Barry told him the raccoons are numerous here.
Barry Crane is a man we met at the local gas station who told us all about the Wilderness. He even offered to bring us some firewood, after he fed his horses. Barry and his wife Amber brought us a pile of firewood. Even thought the temps are still in the high 80's, the fire was nice after the sun went down.
Dave on the ground, surrounded by drying gear from the previous camping night.
Rudy decided to go top shelf. Placing his bed on top of a picnic table. We had a little problem tonight with Chuck. Seems he was thristy and tried to drown it. Any more of this and we drop him off at the closest AA meeting.
Finally he was rolled into a sleeping bag and was out for the night. When we get to California, Chuck will be seeking a new home, new friends and a new ride.
We rode through Lawrenceville, IN, birthplace of Erwin "Cannon Ball" Baker, but couldn't find anything to commemorate his beo]ing from here. He is buried in Indianapolis. Cannon Ball was the first to ride a motorcycle across Amerca in the early 1900's. A feat he repeated on numerous occasions for various automobile and motorcycle manifacturers. He also won the first Indianapolis 500 race. A newspaper reporter nicknamed him "Cannon Ball" after the Cannon Ball Express of Casey Jones fame.
Nite Da'mit


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  1. Methinks, CCjon, that you must have been partaking of some of that booze that poor Chuck has been posed with.....a typo here and there gave you away! ;)

    Just a regular check up on Da'mit or some tweaking necessary by Heindl's guys?



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