Monday, August 7, 2017

Estern Canada Loop: Chapter Five: Tony's Homecamp

Next day rode part of the Mohawk Trail in Northwest Massachusetts, caught a corner of Connecticut before arriving in Cranston, Rhode Island at the home of Tony and Pam DePaul.

Tony and I met in Haines, Alaska several years ago when we were both exploring the great northwest.  We have stayed in touch over the years and are now planning to ride South America together.  If we can ever get our schedules coordinated and find affordable shipping for our bikes.

Here, I'll let Tony tell the story of my camping in his front yard.

Texan spotted in Cranston

I’D SAY GUESS WHO but you’d never guess, I’d have to tell you it was Jan Daub from Houston, aka CCjon, which I always thought the CC stood for cubic centimeters of motorcycle displacement, turns out it stands for Corpus Christi. CCjon and his bride lived there before Houston. If you ever thought I’m not a lifelong learner let’s put that rumor to rest.

To read the complete story and all of Tony's scribblings, click on this link to his web site. It is secure..  and quite interesting.
Thank you Tony and Pam for a warm welcome and for allowing a strange-looking vehicle to park in  your front yard overnight. Am sure your neighbors will be talking about it for days.

Nite all,

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