Monday, August 7, 2017

Eastern Canada Loop: Chapter Six: Maine Woods

 Leaving Little Rhoady, as Tony calls it, the next objective is to safely get around the Boston MASS (like that word play?) of traffic and north of Portland, Maine. After Portland, the traffic will start to thin out.  Not much to see as is all interstate and toll road riding until I turned south at Bangor toward Ellsworth and the home of Mathew and Peggy Strong.

Tony met Mathew and Peggy a few years back when he was riding the same route I am taking.  They are thinking to ship their Landcruiser to Colombia and has offered space in their container for our two motorcycles.  Maybe we can all get on the same page in 2018 and make it happen.

 Mathew offered a flat spot near their cabin on Rocky Point Pond for my camping needs. I accept all offers of deep forest water side camping.

To reach the cabin, one must cross a very narrow wooden bridge. Damit is wide, seven feet the time we measured him. Slowly we inched across without scraping the rails or the rig.

Before setting up camp, a quick walk down to the water's edge. 
The pond was quiet, no one in the other cabins, I had the lake to myself. 
Being without a paddle, I left the canoes resting as I found them.

Camp is ready for a good nights rest.

Early the next morning I sat at the water's edge with my camera waiting for the two loons to appear. 
Mathew said would frequently swim up to their dock.

No loons showed, so I worked on the rig doing maintenance and adjustments instead. Finishing the work, decide to take a quick dip in the lake to clean up. 

Now in the water, without a camera, the two loons swam out to see what fowl was fowling their lake. 

Rushed back for the camera and grabbed one quick shot before they disappeared again.


  1. Dang Jan, your timing was a bit off re the Loons...I bet they were watching you the whole time. :)

    1. I think you are right. My splashing about or... the oil slick from my bathing rattled their calm.

  2. Wow! 7 feet wide. I've been enjoying your posts though I don't get a chance to comment all the time.

    1. Richard, hope you are doing well. The rig is wider than my wife's car. There is not much space between the bike and the tub either. One thing is for sure, flying the chair is not a worry with this monster. A better name might have been... Babe, the Blue Ox... lol

  3. Love that scenery! Beautiful!


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