Sunday, August 6, 2017

Eastern Canada Loop Chapter Three: NY & VT

The final day of the rally, was hearing an unusual sound from the driveline on Damit. Discovered the chain had sawed through the aluminum chain guard.  In itself that is not a problem, just remove the guard, don't really need it on this rig. While inspecting the guard, noticed a few small kinks in the chain itself. Decided to replaced the 530 chain before leaving the states. Calling around, located Lane Yamaha in Watkins Glen had the right size chain and would hold it until I arrived Monday morning.

The sawed guard that ended up in a trash can.

Early Monday morning Damit and I head north to Watkins Glen 
in a typical finger lakes area morning fog.

Arrived at Lane Yamaha, the head mechanic listened to my ride tale and said the chain they had would not be strong enough for a journey like ours. Calling around they located a better chain, retrieved and installed it on Damit. By 11 AM, we were back on the road to Rhode Island to visit my friend Tony.

If you ever need a good honest motorcycle shop, go to Lane Yamaha in Watkins Glen, NY, great family business that take good care of their customers.  Several generations of the family work there all dedicated to satisfying the customer.

Typical central New York roadside waterfall.

Something you don't see in Texas.... row houses.

Since the GPS was taking me thru AlbanyNY, decided it was only a few more miles to swing up thru Vermont and tag that state on this trip.

Beautiful Vermont valley farm setting

Now where to camp for the night.  Passing a American Legion hall, their sign read: WELCOME. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Then spotted their large open pavilion in an open field. We turned around and accepted their offer to the public. Damit and I slept well until the pavilion. 

Night all.



  1. catching up on your travels with Dam'it. So what is stronger than a 530 chain?

    1. The Chief Mechanic ( one of the sons) says there is average brand (i.e. Cycle Gear) chain then there is a good quality X chain. They had the less expensive chain. The grandfather (the founder of Lane Yamaha) drove to retrieve the better chain from a small speciality shop. Another son was preparing for gear for a bike show coming up. The grandson was working the parts counter. Three generations working at the same dealership. Impressive!


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