Monday, July 14, 2014

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Dave and I rode, played, explored got wet in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico for a couple of days. Took Dave to see the Earthship Biotecture development on the high plains west of Taos. Here individuals are building homes partially buried in the ground using recycled materials, solar heating and wind powered water pumps. There were mounds of used glass jars and bottles being sorted by size and color for future construction.

Further west we spotted an out of place animal... a Yak. Maybe a test project to see if they can survive the harsh winter conditions and hot summers on the high plains.
Dave wanted to explore so we tried a forest road, for a mile or so. We both had street tires on the rigs, going was not smooth. I was slipping and slidding so much Da'mit slide completely around in the mud until I was facing the way we came in. I took this as a sign from the riding gods that we should go back and not proceed further. I knew this was a deadend road and conditions after a rain would not be [leasant.


Come on down Dave, the water fine.. and the ruts not TOO deep.
Of course we had to visit the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial near Angel Fire. This memorial was built with private money by Dr. and Mrs. Westphal for their son where he and 18 others were killed in an ambush in Viet Nam. Today, this is the only State Park dedicated to Viet Nam Veterans in the US. It never closes and no entrance fee is charged.
The wind wishpered through the aspen trees while we were there, as if a thousand voices of fallen soldiers were trying to tell their stories to aanyone who wuld listen. The memorial is a a must see for anyone who lived through the Viet nam era.
In the morning we removed the gas tank from Erika, Dave rig. He noticed a small gas leak near the rear mount. All of the vibrations from riding rough roads might have caused it.
After a rough sanding and filing, he applied JB weld to seal in and around the leak. Now we wait for the weld to set up before remounting the tank. In the morning we'll check it by adding gas to the tank. If the patch works, Dave plans on leaving for Virginia. I'll stay in Angel Fire for a few more days. There are numerous chores that need to be done in the condo.
Nite Da'mit.










  1. What a cool concept Biotecture. Love that!!! Really liked the way you described the winds in the trees at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Nicely written! Enjoy Angel Fire!!


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