Monday, July 14, 2014

Leaving Durango

Durango's morning air was crystal clear, the temperature 58 degrees. A Harley rider at the motel suggested a nearby bakery for sweet rolls. Said it was across the street, one block down on the corner. Walking a block, all I see is a tattoo palor sign, no bakery. Must be the next house, but he said it was on the corner. As I get closer I can see a smaller sign under the tattoo sign advertising bakery.... Hmmmmmmmm. Sweet sticky cinnamon bun with your dragon tattoo? Or a donut tattoo with your maple Long John? No thanks. one coffee, black, please.

The ride out of Durango was magnificent. Beautiful mountain scenery, cool air, the rain washed the air clean last night. Even the horses were in a good mood as they galloped from one side of their pasture to the other.

As we rode through Bayfield, CO, there was a farmers market setting up, so we stopped to hopefully get some fresh fruit. There I met Michael Mayer. You have to admire someone who is not looking for a government hand-out, but applying his god-given talents and hard work is trying to make a go in the world. Michael is designing, building and selling propeller driven wind chimes. He has never studied engineering nor mechanical design, yet his application of complex mechanical principles is undeniable. He has only been doing this for less than a year but has several designs for sale and well as other designs he is working on.

He said when the wind is blowing, they make a rythmic sound. I reccommend anyone interested in unique handmade wind chimes to contact Michael at, or He does all the designing, wood work, assembly and sales, himself. Said he is considering offering kits of his chimes to reduce the size of the shipping box.

Colorado offers unique opportunities to invest in fresh air housing. An owner was offering his property for sale. Da'mit asked if the sign was holding up the house or visa versa? Didn't call the number, so don't know the asking price, sorry.

Finally we cross into New Mexico. Dave was happy as this is his first visit to the land of enchantment.

The steep mountain climbs, the rains, the Native American culture and Taos are yet to come. The adventures in New Mexico are another chapter, so.....

Nite Da'mit.


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