Sunday, October 9, 2022

Day Four is it?... Florence, then Pisa

 Am losing track of days and time over here. Still not adapted to the seven hour difference in time between home and Italy.  Oh well, we are still seeing many great sights, capturing more photos than I will know what to do with...

Jumping into today, let's start with a quick walk around the piazza 
near our Hotel Roma in Florence.

Church Street Level Facade

Everybody bicycles here, no matter their age

One of the few homeless we have seen in Italy 
he has a guardian dog

Daytime Lovers
St Peter's Basilica rising in the mist

Then we drove through the Tuscan countryside 
with its straight rows of olive trees and grape vines. 
Almost looks fake, with its neat little rows.

Hmmm, Church and Tower don't seem
to align themselves

Under a Pisa street lamp

Every tourist wants to either straighten, embrace or hold up the tower...
in a photo.

We were content to watch it lean.

A street artist sketches...

One of the numerous African trinket vendors

Finally, a visit to a vineyard.
Grapes are ripe, harvest is in progress.

That concludes this day, tomorrow we trade the Tuscan countryside 
for a city with no streets...

only waterways, 

Venezia...  Venice.



  1. I really like the way you used a foreground statue and lovely bride to anchor the picture of the Tower of Pisa.


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