Friday, October 7, 2022

Day 3 San Gimignano street scenes

Changing the photo pace on our trip through Italy, 
more time was spent looking for intimate scenes with that Italian flavor.
Now for a few snapshoots from Florence and San Gimignano. 

First, walking the narrow streets of Florence, we find, 
Stock House - Breakfast with Friends

Around the corner, another dines alone

After lunch, we drove out to the small village of San Gimignano
Olive trees in the Tuscan countryside support the town, 
economically and culturally

Strolling the narrow streets in San Gimignano, 
 Wash Day

Two girls and a waiter..

Public water spigots for all to use

San Gimignano Jury.
Each day they sit, 
watching the show of tourists in their little village.

Back in Florence, Arno River

Seeing a bit of Tuscany through my eyes.
Those were just a few impressions from Florence and San Gimignano.



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