Monday, April 23, 2018

African Post: Days 14, 15 & 16 The Western Cape

DAY 14
Today we continue our journey south and west to Oudtshoorn, following a twisting winding road known as the Garden Route.  But first a ride up to the peak overlooking the entrance to the harbor at Knysna.

Georg and Eva share a moment with Knysna in the backdrop. They have been married 35 years and have grandchildren.

The Indian Ocean waves are strong here.

While on the other side of the channel entrance, a lonely house sits high on the cliff with an ocean view.

Riding into George shows how developed western South Africa is. A good comparison is western South Africa and the Cape Town area is like New England in the United States. It is where the first European colonies were established along the coast before more people arrived and they started moving inland. These areas are the oldest and the most developed urban areas of the countries.

We stopped at the dealership for BMW automobiles and motorcycles for a cup of free coffee. Julian says BMW motorcycles are less expensive in South Africa than they are in Germany where they are made. After doing some calculations, I think they are less expensive here than in the States too.

Have seen more BMW 1200GS motorcycles here than any other brand or model.

Next a visit to an Ostrich farm for lunch. 
A mama ostrich oversees the chicks

In the hatchery, they look to see if an egg has a embryo or not by placing it over a light. 

The young chicks are all fuzz.

Getting a neck massage from the ostriches.

From the ostrich farm we ride a twisting winding road that dead ends
 at the mouth of the Cango Caves. Took the hour tour underground.

The road into the mountains is lined with farms, some grow hops, used in brewing beer.

They also grow tobacco. 

Harvest time is here, the leaves are ready to be brought in for drying.

Waiting to be loaded on wagons and taken to the drying shed to cure the leaves.

We arrive at the Adley House in Oudtshoorn for the night.

DAY 15

The road today winds through the Swartberg Mountains, across grain fields dry from the harvest, making our way to Cape Agulhas, the Southernmost Tip of Africa. This is where the cold waters of the Atlanta meet the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

A cool morning ride across the Swartberg Mountains. Two more bikes have joined us, Nicole and Morag. They both are GS Challenge competitors. Can out ride most men on a motorcycle. 
Nicole works for SAMA Tours.

In the middle of nowhere is Ronnies Sex Shop. Actually is was just Ronnies, but one night a few of his drunken buddies decided to play a prank by adding "SEX" to the name. 
Business boomed immediately so Ronnie kept the new name. 

Is surprising how the dry terrain and buildings in this region look so much like Mexico.

Deep gorges cut through the mountains with grain fields in the distance.

We encountered several road construction sites today, but we were able to cut to the front of the line.

A rare sighting, the national bird of South Africa, the Blue Heron.

Another small agricultural town with grain silos.

Here we turn for the final few kilometers.

Julian and I celebrate making it all the way with no problems.

Am knee deep in both oceans

The lady in the lighthouse stamps our passports as proof we were here.

The view from my hotel balcony overlooking the ATLANTIC Ocean. 
Is the first time I have seen the sun set on the Atlantic. 

DAY 16

Our final day of riding starts with a visit to a penguin colony.

Joanne, the wife of the team filming our riding for a SAMA Tours promotional video, gets really close to the birds for a good shot.

Billy says "Stand behind me girls. I'll protect you from these two legged giants."

An ibis eavesdrops on a penguin breakfast club.

I swear Mabel, the shark was this big.

Stopping for a group photo at the Cape of Good Hope sign. 

A secluded coastal beach

From Signal Hill, we have our first view of Cape Town.

And Table Mountain, the famous landmark rises above Cape Town. 
Were lucky to get this shot as the next day was cloudy and overcast so we cancelled our planned cable car ride to the top.

Tonight we turn in the bike keys, then go out and celebrate a fantastic experience and a great ride with new friends. From here Julian returns home to Pretoria, Georg and Eva meet up with some Canadian friends and fly to Namibia to see more of Africa. 

Me?  Tomorrow I start a new adventure involving a train and more African animals.

Hasta la vista,



  1. A great trip with great pics! So, now that you've straddled the Atlantic and Indian you feel more worldly? ;)

    1. Dom, it's like the Deadhorse sign in Alaska, or the end of the road sign in Ushuaia, Argentina, no first prize or fastest honors, just a photo proof that you reached the end, now turn around there, start a new journey. It's the journey that holds all the adventure, the excitement, the treasured moments, not the destination. As you and I know, reaching the end of the road is anti-climactic.

      Like the life we live, we all have the same final destination, but our daily journey is what makes each one's experience different... and yet the same. When you reach one of life's intersections, do you turn left or do you turn right?

      Today is a good day to start a another journey...

  2. What an amazing trip!! Your pictures are stunning! Really! Just awesome!! I am so happy you were able to experience this! Really looking forward to hearing more stories when you return home. Thank you for taking us all along this journey. Travel safe and get back safe!!!

  3. Thanks 10LE, now on to stage two, the train ride.

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