Saturday, February 19, 2022

February in Baja - Part VI - Todos Santos Surfers beach and more

Had to visit Surfer's Beach while in Todos Santos. Grabbed a few photos before riding back to San Jose del Cabo to meet up for the trip north.

Riding the four kilometers of soft sand out to the beach my first thought on arriving was, 
this will be interesting.

Brought out the telephoto lens to capture the surfers, there were about a dozen or more actual surfers in the water. Another dozen were relaxing on the beach. Waves were high enough for them to get up on their boards.

Like any group, some were more experienced than others

I loved the expressions on this guy's face as he rode the waves.

And this guy really got his mind into the game...
a split second later, he was in the water.

After an hour, the waves died down. With no action to photograph decided to move on.
Fun while it lasted.

Riding back north, stopped once again in El Triunfo. 
The main road into El Triunfo.

Of course I went walking and talking with townspeople as I always do.

The local church was locked tight. A local told me someone had been stealing from the pauper's box so they decided to close except for when the priest in there. That's once a week, or depending on when he shows up. 

Seems to be some tension between the church and the towns people here. Across from the church is the town library. It was closed. I asked which days is was open. Enrique told me a visiting priest claimed the library books belonged to the church, so he had them boxed up and took them in the middle of the night. Now there are no books in the library, why open?

He said the priest also tried to claim that the library building belonged to the church, but the townspeople protested that. Soon a new priest was making the irregular weekly visits.

Earlier I saw this abandoned building, but today there was a soccer ball lying out front.
 Thought the juxtaposition was ironic. Looking inside, it does not appear anyone lives here.

And some things just catch one's attention and make you wonder.... what might be behind a door propped open with a rock? Why is it open? 
For whom does the rock wait?
 Wanted to look inside but decided best not to.

The local street cleaners were out doing their routine this morning. 
A broom, a shovel and a wheelbarrow, let's go. The town of El Triunfo is very clean. Great job guys.

Talked a while with Ramon. Said he was born in 1946, still hauls, de-barks and sells the mesquite to steak restaurants. He educated me on the different types of mesquite wood used for smoking meats. 
For those who do not know, mesquite is a very dense, hardwood that burns slow with an even temperature and flavorful smoke. Ideal for premium cuts of beef. 

What is not shown here are all the mesquite thorns and stickers. Mesquite is found in the Southwest US and central Mexico deserts.

Have also seen furniture made from  mesquite, has a reddish core and beige outer layer.  Is very durable.

The next coupe of days we'll be riding north with limited internet. 
But the camera works, so photos will be taken.

Ride safe, ride far my friends,



  1. Ever thought of lashing down a surfboard on your rig?

    Beautiful images, as always, but I wonder how many of your readers are seeing them. Your mailing list has failed to send out the heads-up on recent posts. What service do you use? I can recommend mailchimp, have always found them to be reliable.

    Safe journey north, Jan.

    1. Thanks Tony, my adventures are limited to the three wheel kind now.

      Email me more info on the mail chimp, or links on how to use it. I know there are many subscribers here, but don't think I have their email addresses. How is that solved?

  2. Love that b&w pic with the BOLD yellow line down the middle!! What an eye-grabber! And the mystery of the propped open door. Simple but so intriguing. !Que historias cuentas!

    1. VP, thanks for following along on this southern cross border venture.

  3. I echo the comments re your pics, CCjon! More...more! Safe travels to you as well.


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