Wednesday, February 16, 2022

February in Baja - Part IV Todos Santos, BCS

Have decided to spend several days in the art / fishing colony of Todos Santos, about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Coast. 

Riding up the coastal highway, spotted what at first I thought was a vineyard, 
turns out to be a tomato farm. Of course, Mexican Salsa is better known than Mexican wines.

What is claimed to be the inspiration for the song by the Eagles,
Hotel California in Todos Santos. The songwriter lyrics refer to drug addiction, "This could be heaven or this could be hell".  Today Todos Santos is more a lively tourist destination with leather, jewelry and artisan shops lining the streets than anything illegal going on.

A sidestreet lunch of black bean soup with cream and a side of guacamole and chips. 

Rode out to an active fishing / beach, that was recommended by a local,  El Faro. (The lighthouse).
Most boats were still out, but families were enjoying the beach inspite of the chill in the air and water.

Locals remained fishing until it was too dark to see to bait the hooks.

Returned very early the next morning to watch the fishermen start a new day at sea.
The moon reflects on the boats waiting for their crews.

Launching the first boat, everyone pitches in. 
The first boat is tied to a second boat to be pulled off the beach. 
The second boat then pulls the third in, etc, etc until every boat is launched. 
There is no dock here, they work off the sand.

The night before I watched as they brought their boats in. Gunning the motor full blast for maximum speed before hitting the sandy beach, sliding up on it with the propeller spinning wide open. 
Everyone yelled and stood back when a boat came ashore.

Once on the beach, a panel flapping, salt rusted, truck hooks up a rope to pull the boat to a higher level so they can unload the day's catch. There were several small refrigerated trucks waiting to ice down the fish and deliver them to their next destination. In all, a smooth operation as this is their daily routine.

The sun illuminates boats waiting to go out another day.

El Faro beach, Todos Santos, BCS

That's all from down here today. Tomorrow is a new day, new opportunities, new roads to ride.

Stay safe, ride far my friends



  1. Great shot of the sunset silhouetted fishermen!

    1. Thank you, was an interesting experience on that beach with all the activity going on.

  2. Love that shot of the setting full moon!! Living vicariously through you! Color me jealous!

    1. Thank you VP, am having a great time seeing new vistas, experiencing new events. Thanks for following along.


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