Thursday, February 17, 2022

February in Baja - Part V, The Village of Todos Santos

Today is for walking the town of Todos Santos, 
both the tourist areas and the side streets. This is what I found.

Starting with La Bohemia where I am staying for a couple of nights,
 about three blocks off the main street. 

The rooms are thatched roof cabanas, adobe walls, shady green gardens, pleasant people.
 They serve a healthy breakfast here.

The street out front is your typical Mexican village street though this one is paved. Is very common to see crumbling abandoned buildings on one lot and brand new construction taking place next door.

Must be wash day as clothes hung out in the dry desert air. Who needs a dryer when the humidity is less than 50% every day.

In the tourist area, the welcoming sign.

The tourist oriented streets are decorated with festive banners and flags 
of the typical Mexican colors and designs. Many of the streets are still cobblestones.

And yes, vintage cars from the 1960's are still in service, sharing the street with brand new trucks and cars.

Even the portal of the local church has its banners facing the main Plaza.

The use of mobile phones is everywhere in the world now.

Locals ladies gather for lunch. Once read somewhere that 
old men talk of the weather, old women talk of old men.
Don't know if that is true or not, but these ladies were enjoying each other's company. The bright sun illuminating the colorful table cloth caught my attention. Making me want to take the photo.

A small shop market area walkway is covered with colorful macrame. 
Attractive and very practical as it blocks the mid-day sun.

If cell phones were not advanced enough, even us old guys travel with a laptop.
Internet service is the must have of 2022.

Today I pack up the rig and return to San Jose del Cabo to join 
a new group pf MotoQuest riders heading north. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I saw in Todos Santos.

Ride safe, ride far, my friends.



  1. Really bright colors! I remember that village (barely). Your pictures brought back some pleasant memories…

    1. Thanks Richard, though the colorful pennants are common with Mexico, you don't see that in every village. I understand Todos Santos gets quite a few tourists who drive up from Cabo for the day.

  2. Colorful pictures. You have a great way of telling a story by sharing photographs.

    1. Thank you Kolfa, am glad you are enjoying the story.


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