Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Rainy Day Editing

Experiencing rainy days this week so after doing the household chores, 
focused some energy on editing indoor photos. 

The more I use and experiment with Luminar for my photo editing the more I like it. 

Listening to the rain, sitting back with a book, a bowl of sorbet and a Texas drink.

A gap in the rain clouds allowed afternoon sunlight to stream in, highlighting
 the collection of Native American images

By evening the rain clouds have moved east, allowing us to sit around the fire pit 
enjoying a soft cool breeze and a Cuba Libre.

Each of these photos took a different approach in editing to get the right mood and feel. 
In all, a learning process.

Ride safe and mask up.



  1. That drink by the fire looked inviting CCjon, there’s a fire ban here right now so no open fires....

  2. Dom, you are welcome here anytime for a Cuba Libre. We're here for another few weeks.


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