Tuesday, August 11, 2020

August Photo Competition

Though we're still in New Mexico, submitted online my three entries in the Photography Club's August Photo Competition.  Our Club Competition Officer is keeping the club together by continuing the monthly challenge inspite of not being able to meet in person. Is the only way we can see what each of the other members is working on. 

This month's challenge categories are:

1. FIREWORKS; a photo of fireworks or people and fireworks

2. OPEN: This can be any image a member wishes to submit for judging

3. OUT OF THE BOX: This is the wild card category for this month. The challenge is to create an image that does not look like a normal photograph or the subject matter is out of the usual. 

Here are the entires I submitted:

FIREWORKS: Street Fair
Took this photo in Barcelona, Spain during a nighttime street fair. The fireworks are mounted on long poles, showering the people standing underneath with sparks.

OPEN:  My Quiet Space
This photo was taken in Reykavik, Iceland. This lady found a nice quiet warm spot out of the harsh cold winds to enjoy her coffee and a good read. 

OUT OF THE BOX: Mariposa No. 9
Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly. 
Created this artwork image using several photos in a composite.  What do you see?

Next week we'll know how they did.

If you are wondering where are the sidecar riding photos, my sidecar rigs are back in Houston. We left Texas in a hurry to leave before the Stay At Home order was issued for our county. Now we are daily checking the Covid count numbers for Houston, then look at where they are here. Since we have been here, the positive covid count in our county has risen by over 20,000. Here, in the same time period,  it went up by seven. Easy decision, stay here for as long as we can.

Stay safe, stay healthy, mask up and sanitize.



  1. Good Luck in the contest. Great photo. I love the contrast of the “My quiet space”. Also, cool art on the Mariposa one. Impressive the fireworks one did not turn out blurry. Let us know how you did!
    We love you, Abu! Glad you and Tita are healthy and safe up in NM.

    1. Thank you Lily, having seen your photos, I know you have a good eye for composition.


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