Thursday, October 5, 2017

Snippets from Rimbach, Germany

Thursday, October 5, 2017

We got this great idea to visit Rimbach, Hesse, Germany in the week we had free between Prague and Barcelona.  Why Rimbach?  Because it is a small German village that was not destroyed by the war. Buildings and history are well preserved.

Being only 525 km west of Prague, we decided to rent a car and drive over, poke around a little, have a little R&R and take a few photos of the area.

So off we go... the area is not mountainous nor rolling hills, similar to western Pennsylvania. Forests cover the hills and ridges, while valleys were cleared for agriculture where possible

Our Skoda rental car, runs on diesel, manual transmission, handles the autobahn speeds with no problem.

Some valleys are wide and green. Thought Julie Andrews would appear at any moment, 
waltzing across the meadow, humming... The hills are alive...

The Evangelical Church steeple in Rimbach rises above the town. The area is predominantly Protestant because the Duke from way back when for the area was Lutheran.
 (Don't you love my precise historical research?...  LOL)

The town square fountain..., still works. 
The autumn leaves are falling, beautiful. A nip in the air too...

Many of the original homes near downtown have been renovated. Most still inhabited, a few converted to retail use. 

When a beam sags, install a upward curved beam to support it... In 1815 the support beam was added, wonder how old the original structure is?

Who needs a sign when a painting on the side of your home tells everyone you are a blacksmith.

Immediately behind many of the old homes are their livestock barns. In the middle of winter, you didn't want to walk too far to feed or take care of your animals. They have their four seasons here. 

An abandoned house in Rimbach... awaiting a new owner to renovate.

The old stone bridge unites the two sides of the village.

Today Rimbach has become a bedroom community for high income tech workers from neighboring cities. The schools are considered better here, low crime rate and clean air.  Yet, it still has its agricultural roots.

The surrounding fields and valley... 

How many generations have walked this path to town, using the church steeple as a guidepost.

Morning sun slowly burns away the mist and fog from the fertile fields...

The bell on the old Albersbach school house still rings every day
though the children now go to a newer building nearby.

Country homestead...
the homes, yards and fields are immaculate. No debris or litter anywhere.

One parting shot... 

Deep blue sky, puffy white clouds floating overhead, golden fields of grain, winding country lane, 
orange autumn leaves linger to float on the next cool breeze...  just use your imagination... 

Night all, hope you enjoyed the visit to Rimbach.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed them.. Now off to Barcelona...

  2. The historical research is impressive!

    Is Germany’s Western parts not absolutely beautiful??!! I say Western parts because I lived there during the West and East Germany era. You captured this small town so well and that eye is really taking some beautiful shots!! You should send the mayor some of your pictures. I am sure he would love them.

    Any chance you two will stick around for Oktoberfest activities? I am certain you will be able to find one on your way back to Prague? Munich has a big one, but that may be too far out of the way.

    You two travel back safe and safe travels to Spain!!

  3. 10LE, our timing is not so good for hitting the festivals. Rimbach's Oktoberfest was the weekend before we arrived and their Herbst (Harvest) Fest is the weekend after we left.
    Glad you are enjoying the photo stories. Have so many more that will end up in a book, I'm sure.
    Birthday wishes to baby Alex.


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