Monday, April 27, 2015

Mother Nature's Lost Memo

After the close of tax/ski season and before the end of school, my BB and I like to go to the northern mountains of New Mexico for a little R&R. At 8200 ft, Angel Fire is an oasis of solitude this time of the year. The forecast was for spring like weather highs in the 60's, with lows around freezing at night.

Much to our surprise mother nature was not quite ready to say goodbye to winter... we awoke this morning to a six inch blanket of heavy wet snow. Our little chihuahua sank to her belly and still didn't touch tierra firma when I took her outside.

As Lily said, looks like Angel Fire didn't get "It's Spring"memo from Mother Nature.

So was a good day to work on indoor projects. One I have been contemplating for a number years was how to create a mosaic on the coffee table utilizing a large black marble tile with a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation logo. Most of the ceramic tile I found was much thinner than the black marble. Those wouldn't work. About six months ago I happened across some discontinued stone tile for kitchen walls that were thicker than most.

Now was a good time to play with putting all of this together.

First we prep the table, tape off the edges and rough sand the top...

Now to spread the glue

Set the tile

Waiting for the glue to dry

Next to work grout into the cracks...

Lots of warm water to clean up our mess and step back to admire...

Our admiring audience enjoy a little sun, trying to stay warm...

Outside the snow gets deeper, we stayed inside...

Good weather for cornbread and chili...


  1. What an odd late April day! If April showers bring May flowers, what does April snow bring? It looks like a productive day after all! Gorgeous project Abu! I love it!! Stay warm!

  2. that's a really nice job you did there CCJon.....really nice.

  3. Angel Fire. What an Awesome Place. I hope you guys had a nice time there having the Snow around and fixing the indoor stuff. Thanks for share

  4. We have coming to Angel Fire for 20+ years, finally buying a condo in 2004. It is a family oriented ski area where you can live within walking distance to the slopes.The summers are dry and cool with many activities for both kids and adults, though some might find it too quiet.
    Thanks for the many compliments on the table project.
    Hmmmmm, April showers = May flowers, so April Snowstorms = Herd of elk in the front yard (will post photo).

  5. Haha!!! Very true! April snow=hungry animals!


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