Thursday, February 23, 2023

BAJA CALIFORNIA - Returning North to Bahia Concepcion

After reaching San Jose del Cabo at the southern tip of Baja, it was time to turn the Goldwing rig north, riding solo for the return trip.

How about some color photos from Baja? The Mexican people love their vibrant colors. Be it a modest casa or a storefront...


The GoldWing rig is handling the trip with no issues. One of the objectives of this ride was to demonstrate that a cruiser bike or a long distance highway machine can handle the Mexican highways of today. A dual sport rig is not needed. On the long flat straightaways, the GW can hit speeds equal to any US highway. Am averaging about 30 mpg... except when I twist the throttle a bit too much. 

The artwork in AirBnB motels can be eye-catching... anyone know her name? Dolores...? or Maria...? or Miranda...?


In the restaurant, more colorful paintings...


Finally reaching Bahia Concepcion to meet up with Princess Jamaica and FlyingMonkeys. The view from the rooftop deck is impressive.


Only three sailing rigs taking cover from the high winds these days. What is not seen in the photos is the cold winds blowing in from the northeast. Went up top to snap a quick photo then back down inside. In a few days, it will be warm again.


For those who drove their RV down, finding a sandbar to set up on was easy, and crowded but there are many beach spots along here. The tide does not vary enough on the Sea of Cortez side to threaten those campers.


Alas, FlyingMonkeys was sidetracked in California with food poisoning, ending his ride down to Baja. I thought that was supposed to happen drinking tap water in Mexico, not in the USA. Last word was, after recovering in Scramento for a few days in a very pricey motel, FM is back home in Washington. 

PJ and his wife put on a great food spread for four hungry motorcyclists and one sidecarist. Great food, cold drink, interesting conversation... was noted that among this well-traveled group, all of whom have ridden in numerous countries around the world, none could remember having an unpleasant experience with locals. In fact, most noted only help and good fortune was received from strangers everywhere.

Most people are the same as you and I, willing to help someone in true need. It's the tiny group that create the problems that dominate the daily headlines. If we believed all the negative news, no one would ever leave their homes.

Noting the cool weather here both this year and last year in early February, am thinking a mid-March trip down Baja might be a good idea. Not too hot, not too cold.


  1. Bahia Concepcion looks really nice! I too have felt those cold winds, it was nice and warm today though....

  2. Is a long jump from San Felipe to Bahia, but is well worth it. Several old Spanish missions in the area too.


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