Thursday, March 2, 2023

BAJA CALIFORNIA - Leaving Baja Mexico for New Mexico USA

In Todos Santos, Baja California, there is a  hotel with a famous name...

Hotel California.jpeg 

Many wrongly believe that this was the inspiration for the very popular Eagles song by that name. Of course, there are many stories and tales about this hotel leading many leading people to think that this is it! So tourists are always taking selfies in front of the building.

 The hotel itself no longer promotes the myth or mentions the song due to a lawsuit by the song's composer, Glenn Fry of the Eagles. Though the Hotel existed with that name back in the 1950's Glenn says he was not aware of the place, had never been there nor heard of it. 
But who allows the facts to interfere with a good story...? 
So the selfies continue...

Since Todos Santos is a tourist destination, "art" is for sale in the street... 
as well as leather goods, purses, sundresses and ice cream.

TS Street art.jpeg 

Still there are a few great restaurants in Todos Santos, as well as shrines to the Virgin...

VoG Shrine.jpeg 

Images of the Virgin are everywhere in Mexico, as well as in communities in the US where many of Mexican descent have settled. The skills of the artist who create these images may vary in quality, but never in their faith and sincerity.

crude Virgen painting.jpeg 

After leaving Mexico, I headed northwest to the mountains of northern New Mexico for a week.

Sunrise in Gallup New Mexico was stunning, with cool temps, but still a stunning wake up view from the hotel window.

Gallup sunrise.jpeg 

Trying to cross the pass between Taos and Moreno Valley, traffic came to standstill due to a two-vehicle accident just ahead. The wreckers coming to clear the road were stuck in the stopped traffic unable to move. Roadway ice was blamed for the accident.

Mountain pass stop.jpeg 

Once in the Taos area, had lunch at one of my favorite spots, Ranchos Plaza Grill in Ranchos de Taos.

Ranchos Plaza Grill.jpeg 

This family-owned-operated restaurant shares the Plaza with the most photographed church in North America, the San Francisco de Assis Mission. Ansel Adams photographed the mission back in the 1920's.

Inside the restaurant is a Mexican-style mural with a New Mexican theme dominating a wall. Note the original vigas (beams) supporting the roof and the thick stucco walls.  This was a person's home before being converted to a restaurant. 

Restaurant Mural.jpeg 

Now safely off the road in Angel Fire,
 awoke the next morning to the aftermath of the previous night's snowstorm.

Why I trailer.jpeg 

Which is why I trailer my rig...

Thanks for following along with my tale of riding Baja California.

Maybe next year we'll ride it together... till then, 

Vaya con Dios.


  1. Replies
    1. And eight more inches fell the day after I left... Departure was well timed.

  2. Great pictures as always. Mexico has been on my bucket list for a long time, but every time I read the news is about something terrible that happened there.

    1. Appreciate the positive comments, thank you. Mexico is a mixed bag, some bad with a lot of good. Being smart, avoiding the wrong type of barrios and people goes a long way to staying safe. The people like you and I are great, friendly and welcoming.


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