Monday, February 13, 2023

2022 Photo Review - Part B

Continuing on from the previous post, 
here is the balance of my culled photos from 2022.

Italy - Olive grove with San Gimignano skyline

Italy - San Gimignano, the locals pass time, tourist-watching
Looks like a jury deciding everyone's fate.

Italy - Arno River - Florence

Italy - Old section of congested Grand Canal - Venice

Italy - Foggy morning - Venice 

Italy - Dining alone with his book - Venice

Valladolid, Spain - Texting while riding

Spain - Santiago de Compostela
Resting Pilgram

Spain - Llanes country church

Spain - Llanes beach, tides out

Valladolid, Spain, Cobblestone street

Madrid, Spain - Juxtaposition

Texas - Three generations




A Texas Cowboy

And that concludes most of my favorite images captured in 2022.

More travel, adventures, and images to come 
in 2023. Hang on to your hat friends, 
I have a few surprises in store.

Stay safe, be safe,


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