Tuesday, February 14, 2023


Today the ride south begins: woke to rainy overcast, streets wet, but riders are ready, let's go...

Riders gathered at MotoQuest to pack their bike, receive final riding instructions before heading out.

Soliitary Honda GoldWing sidecar rig being outnumbered by BMW GS's and F's. The rig attracts more attention everywhere than all the Beemers put together, but we sidecarists are familiar with the SDF (Sidecar Delay Factor).

Cooks Corner.jpeg 

Utilizing the HOV lanes, we are quickly out of the urban areas and into the well known rider's dream land of Southern Califonia foothills. First restroom break happens at Cook's Corner, a very well know bikers gathering spot.

Wonder why Cook's is famous? Here's the sign....

Cooks Sign.jpeg 

Cook's was followed by miles and miles of twisting foothills, Sunday traffic but not too bad. Next stop for a late lunch was Josie's Hideout... another infamous motorcycle gathering spot.
Josie's Hideout.jpeg 

Bikes line both sides of the country road out front...

Bikes Parked.jpeg 

And what is a biker saloon without live entertainment????

Live music.jpeg 

Another hour or so riding the twisting roads before we reached out destination hotel for the night in Julian, CA.

Here we rest to prepare for the Mexican border crossing in the morning.

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