Thursday, April 11, 2019

What makes the GSA / EZS rig special? Fly-n-Ride

This 2015 GSA-EZS rig is a new experience in driving Dutch. I say Dutch because the EZS sidecars are made in Holland. Very few of them are imported to the States, but they have a great reputation. Looking to learn what they're all about then pass on what I learn; both the good and the not so good. . . 

 Over the next couple of days, we'll ride together from coastal California to East Texas. So let's explore what it is about these rigs that makes everybody think they are so special

Part I

After David picked me up at the airport, found GSA/EZS patiently waiting in a garage in Santa Barbara, serviced and ready to hit the road. Needs a better monikor than EZS Adv?
Any suggestions?

David had sent several photos of the rig before we made a gentleman's agreement. If I would be a fine gentleman and send him a deposit, he would hold the rig a few weeks until I could travel out there. 

The California sun sure makes a rig look sharp.

Of course, I had to take a few of my own...

David mounted the tank bag for me, we added the Airhawk and Alaska Buttpad for the ride home. Other than that, David had it ready for a road trip.

Only rode about 50-70 miles today, before getting a room for the night. 
Have been up since 2 am CA time. 

Initial impression is the rig is solid, the bike and the sidecar work together as one unit. No twitching or flexing. Ground clearance is generous. It doesn't have hydraulic leveling, but doesn't seem to need it either. 

David thought it pulled slightly to the right, but when cruising Pacific Coast Highway 101 at 75, I felt no pulling at all. 
Tomorrow we'll put more miles on it crossing California then into Arizona with observations noted. 
Is getting around 34 mpg, that is a very positive note.

Now for one last photo with a glimpse of one of David's other rigs. Behind that one in the garage is a 1200RS with a Rukko(?) sidecar and center hub steering. It is beautiful, but not quite for sale. At least not yet..... David will let you know when he is ready...

Ride safe my friends, more to come as we make our way back home to Texas.



  1. The rig really does look great. What makes the sidecar special? I like the metal around the perimeter and on top of the fender.

  2. Beautiful rig....very sci-fi looking. Performance reported so far sounds great too. 34MPG for something that probably approaches 1000 lbs and can cruise at 75 mph with no issues....nice. The shadows on the tug in the next to last show gave it a "urban camo" look to'll be interesting to see what moniker you come up with for the rig.


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