Monday, April 15, 2019

GSA/EZS - Big Bend, Texas

Rode a lot of miles but didn't get much closer to home. One of those bucket list roads to ride for me has been the river road between Presidio and Terlingua. Today we rode it.

Left Van Horn going southeast to reach Marfa, then go south to Presidio. There turn left and follow the river road to Terlingua. In Terlingua you can turn left and go north to Alpine, or go straight into Big Bend National Park.
This slight detour, looks like a big dip on the map,  but well worth it.

But first, near Marfa sits a famous landmark, the Prada store.

But to really appreciate this storefront (sculpture), you need to see what's around it.

That's right. Miles and Miles of dry West Texas dirt. There is Prada merchandise in the display window but the doors are never open. No hours posted either.

Who says the desert can't have fine art?

A little further, around the bend, up pops a larger than life cut out of James Dean.

Next to a young Elizabeth Taylor...

Plus a studio built mansion complete with director and actors.

The film GIANT was set in this area of Texas. What was surprising was, when I turned off the rig and pulled my earplugs, there was music coming from the yellow convertible's radio.

Turning on to Route 170 in Presidio, the river road follows along the Rio Grande to Terlingua.  This road is infamous for its many twists, turns, ups and downs, and very narrow bridges. There is no road on the Mexican side of the river.

Here is a better view of what little water divides the US from Mexico. In one narrow spot, there was a small herd of cattle grazing on both sides and standing in the river. The water was no more than a couple of feet wide and shallow. 

A fence would not be needed along this section as on the Mexican side are rugged desolate mountains. There are easier places for illegals to sneak across than way out here. Then on this side is the park with miles and miles and miles of nothing but desert to cross. 

Riding Big Bend was hot, hot, hot... and dry today. The risk of sunburn was real. 

Finally stopped for the night in Sanderson, Texas. A very small town with a convince store that sells gas and one motel. 

Ride safe and far my friends,  tomorrow we head a little north and then east.



  1. Well, that's another road to add to my own bucket to the Prada Store...the realtor mantra comes to mind: Location, Location, Location.

    So, how many RVs did you see in Big Bend NP? Lots? Few?

  2. Was never intended to be a real store, is a Sculpture in the middle of nowhere that looks like a store. Not sure Prada even knew about it until it was completed.

    Not many RV's, more motorcycles. The weather was favorable for the MC riders, really only Spring and Fall. RV's can come here anytime with their AC and heaters.

  3. I’ve heard about the Prada store but not the other pieces. Someplace to add to next years “list”.

  4. Richard, the other "pieces" look new and the timber supporting them are not faded yet, so am assuming they were just erected this winter.


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