Monday, June 8, 2015

Color between the Lines

Several years ago I read about someone riding across the United States, visiting all 48 states in the process. That sounded like fun. That particular rider started his ride in Maine. Of course starting in Maine is not practical for someone who lives in Texas.  

Then I started thinking, wondering if I could do the same, tag all forty-eight states in one long trip. Just start closer to Texas. I started studying maps and ride reports. Shortly thereafter I read about a guy who did the same 48 state ride but in ten days.....WOW. That really caught my attention.  Is such a thing possible without breaking the speed limit in every state?  It is!

Off and on over the next four years I plotted and planned. This idea of visiting all forty-eight states in a ten day ride was not only a mental and physical challenge, but a mechanical one for the motorcycle of choice. Countless hours were spent studying maps, staring at computer screens, playing "what-if" scenarios on where to start, which roads to take, where to get gas, which roads are a faster route time wise even though they are more miles,  all in order to reach the next state gas stop. What is the shortest route possible to tag all the lower 48 states and do it in ten days?  How would anyone know that I actually tagged each state? etc, etc...  

The final route I arrived at is very similar to this earlier map. I will not be going on to Alaska as shown here as my passport is in Washington DC being renewed. 

In the end a very detailed plan evolved. It shows me which road to take, which exit to use, what is the brand of gas station waiting there and is it on the left or the right. How many miles to the next gas stop and which way do I turn to return to the highway. 

So... here is my map, on Da'mu's nose. All I have to do is stay between the lines and color it in.

My starting point will be the Southeast corner of Arkansas and terminating in Oregon.  Total route mileage is 7500 miles, so ride 750 miles a day for ten days and you are there. 

The 48-10 ride has now been recognized and certified by the Iron Butt Association so I will be following their guidelines in order to get my ride certification. We will get a dated time-stamped gas receipt from each state in order to prove we were there and when.

Tuesday June 9th, Da'mu and I leave home to ride up to our starting point in Arkansas. 
Bright and early Wednesday we start riding. Doubt if time and energy will allow for any postings to the blog during the ride. However we will take photos when the opportunity presents itself and post to the blog when we reach Oregon.

Thanks for following along with our newest adventure. Am sure there will be many campfire stories to share from riding the horizon.

Rest well for tomorrow we ride,


  1. Have a safe journey Abu!! We are looking forward to reading all about your adventure. I am grateful for technology and to be able to follow you along these adventures!! Big hugs! Will be waving to you from ATL when you pass through.

  2. 10 days of 750 mile days....I am so not ironbutt material. I do wish you a safe journey and hope you'll be able to take pictures during your stops/breaks?

  3. Of course, when you pass by Denver, if we're in town, give us a shout, we can put you up for the night if you've the time.


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