Thursday, June 11, 2015

And the Fun begins

Rode from Houston to Lake Village, Arkansas where my 48 state run will begin on Tuesday. Passing through Willis, Texas,  I stopped in to see Doug Carr, the Gold Wing guru in our area.  Doug helped me set up Da'mu for long distance riding, so I thought it best it he sees her on the way to start the run.

Doug's shop is out in the country, across the road from a typical Texas country church.

Doug, when you see Da'mu again. all of those boxes will be colored in.

After riding in thunderstorms and 100 degree heat, we arrive in Lake Village as the sun sets.

Notice than Da'mu only has one antenna now. Lost one in a thunderstorm near Monroe.  Not sure I want lighting rods on my ride anyways.

End of Day One.... seven states tagged.

End of Day Two... six  more tagged.

Tomorrow we ride again, but now we rest.


  1. Have fun! I like that map better than the primary color ones I've seen on RVs...

  2. Awesome sunset picture!! You are making great time!! Looking forward to seeing more pics, getting more check-ins and reading more posts. Safe Travels!

  3. Man you are racking up the states! Great sunset picture!


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