Saturday, April 27, 2024

Full Moon over Taos

Am back in northern New Mexico for a week. Of course I had to make a trip into Rancho de Taos to photograph the St Francis de Asis Mission once again. 
This Mission is my favorite go-to place for Southwest photography.

 This time it was to capture images of the Passover Moon above the Mission. 
Here are a couple of the results of that trip.

Starting off with,
on the west side of the Plaza is the Plaza Cafe.
 It has been here serving New Mexican family recipes for many generations. 
It is a very popular local family-owned and operated restaurant.

The clouds were quickly moving across the sky...
Sometimes, almost totally blocking the moonlight and other times opening up for a bright moon.
Had to play with the light and camera settings to capture an acceptable image.

As the moon was slowly setting in the west,  
the sun had awakened the dark sky, burning off the clouds.

This photo is a homage to two of Ansel Adam's NM photos:
one, the St Francis Mission, and the other, his famous "Moon Over Hernandez, NM".

Maybe I should call this "Ansel's Moon".

After being here since 4:30 A.M., I was ready to find some coffee and a bite to eat. 
The Plaza Cafe would not open until 11 A.M., but it is only a short ten-minute drive to downtown Taos 
and its popular Michael's Bakery. Their fresh-ground coffee and cinnamon bread French Toast with strawberries and whipped cream was a delicious, tummy-warming treat.

Through an east-facing window, the bright Taos sun shown in,
illuminating the lady at the table next to me.

It immediately reminded me of that southwest style of painting that many Taos artists apply in their oils.
Artists have been coming to the Southwest and Taos in particular since 1920, 
in search of that special Taos light.

I was delighted to be able to capture this image without disturbing her thoughts.

In a few days, I will head back down to the Houston area. 

Ride safe my friends


  1. That second image is "out of the park".

  2. Thank you, your positive comment made getting up at 4 AM worth it.


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