Friday, June 21, 2024

Hot Sun in Santa Fe, Cold Rain in Taos - Update

Today we visited Santa Fe, NM, with Amparo's brother and sister-in-law. 
Parked as close as we could get to the Governor's Palace, where the local natives sell tribal-style jewelry and blankets, then we walked the final six blocks.

Adobe style construction is the norm in the older sections of Santa Fe. The thick stucco walls keep the interior of the homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The oldest existing home in Santa Fe, though they claim it is the oldest in the USA.
Don't know...

A street musician trying to make a few dollars.

The native vendors lay out their goods in front of them hoping to catch the eye of people walking by.
Keeping with tradition, no tables are allowed.

By mid-afternoon, the heat and long hours take their toll.

Vendors are of all ages. Each has claimed a spot for their wares under the protective overhang of the Govenor's Palace.

A smart pedestrian dressed in white to ward off the blazing hot summer sun.

That wraps up the street photos captured in Santa Fe. Nothing was purchased but 
many interactions with the vendors occurred.


The next day we took the ladies to Taos trying to find what they could not in Santa Fe.

While the ladies did their shopping, I relaxed in my favorite haunt, Op.Cit. Books. On the quiet second floor, one finds the photography and arts section. I was settled into a deep upholstered chair with two or three books when the first lightning bolt struck nearby. Then the rain came down, and down, and down.

In all my years of visiting Taos, have never experienced a summer rain storm that caused street flooding like this one. Several shopkeepers told me the same. They had never witnessed a storm quite like this..

Peeking out the upstairs window, I hoped the ladies found refuge inside a shop.

With the rain came hail stones...

Finally with a break in the rain,  I went looking for the ladies. Very few if anyone carries an umbrella here. Umbrellas in Taos are for protection from sunburn, not rain.

Located the ladies. None of us had umbrellas and it was still raining off and on. Was able to salvage a few large pieces of cardbord that we fashioned into head coverings so we could made a dash to the main plaza a few blocks away. 

There we took cover under the large community gazebo, sharing the dry spot with another couple, a homeless man,  his dog, and a local guitar player.

The guitar player was quite good, softly singing his tunes so not to bother the others. When I asked why his guitar case was not open so people could drop in a few dollars, He replied. "I'm just practicing here. I hope to be good enough someday to earn a few dollers from tourists."

"Son, you are good enough. Open your case."

Sadly, like most of us, we do not know our own worth until a stranger tells us. No matter how many times family and friends tell us that we are good at being creative, 
the word of a stranger will be taken to heart, carry more weight, and be remembered.

Why is that?

When you see or hear good talent, tell them so. The world will be a better place.

Ride safe and far



  1. Thank you, Santa Fe has an interesing vibe.

  2. So was it really hot or just warm?

    1. When it is mid-90 degrees, a cloudless sky, the temperature takes a rapid drop from in the sun to in the shade, I call it hot. Now to those who live there full time, they might think it was warm. The low humidity was enjoyed by us who live on the gulf-coast.


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