Thursday, April 4, 2024

2024 Spring Wanderings

 Though I have been taking a variety of photos this Spring, have been distracted from posting them. 
Time to catch up a little.

Driving across southern New Mexico, captured an image of this abandoned building after a rain storm.

The next afternoon we visited the San Francisco de Asis Mission in Rancho de Taos, NM.
The warm late afternoon sun painted the broad west stucco wall with shadows

Of course, while there, I had to try a couple of B&W shots, too.

Every winter the freezing temperatures cause the abode walls to flake. Each Spring the parishioners gather to hand plaster the stucco for another year.

Someone's backyard door opens up to the Mission Plaza. 
The cold blue gate with the sun warming the inner courtyard caught my attention. 
Felt like you were standing in the cold, looking at a warm, sunny world on the other side.


The failing light cast long shadows across the old Mission's gravel plaza.


A month later we made a trip to Georgia. 
After raining hard all night long, 
a bright morning sun beckoned to explore the woods behind the motel... with the camera in hand, I did.

Among the trees and brush, I tried different compositions, with and without color.

This started with a 'meh' picture, 
Then remembered that a well-known photographer stated, 
"if a photo is uninteresting, get closer... (or crop tighter)".

So I did.
Catching sunlight reflecting off the new leaf growth.

Then again with dead leaves that refused to fall...

...crop tighter. That's better.

We'll wrap up this Blog Post with a moss-covered fallen tree. 

Here I was playing with light and shadows. Letting the sun illuminate bits and pieces of a scene while I tried different camera settings.

What I enjoy about photography, besides satisfying my creative urges, is there is no final destination. It is a never-ending journey of learning to see and try new techniques and different processes. 

One is constantly learning. There is no end game, no graduation, no diploma certifying one is a photographer. Just the satisfaction of knowing one is engaged and learning something new every day you pick up the camera.

Ride safe, ride far my friends



  1. Love the black and white abandoned building! Looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Kofla, was driving fast when I spotted that building and the dark clouds behind it, I did a quick u-turn to come back to capture it.

  2. very nice pics CCjon, re the first shot, I could smell the rain's after effects....

    1. Thanks RLR, I still love B&W photography for the mood it gives an image.

  3. Those shots in Taos would make Ansel proud.

    1. Old Ansel and I both love our B&W... with a twist of color sometimes. Thank you


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