Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Week 4: B&W Video Arcade Outing

While the ladies in the family were having a Baby Shower for Amanda in Austin, the soon-to-be father Sergio took the guys to a local video arcade, complete with old time real pinball machines. Something the younger ones had never seen.

In a very colorful locale with flashing lights, bright colorful neon, blinding LEDs all around, then the  walls and ceiling are painted a flat black and your only camera is shooting B&W... 
you focus on capturing people, contrast and sharpness. 

The following shots were taken to find the limits on the B&W camera in a high contrast situation with very bright lights and very deep dark shadows. 


The boys watching the fast moving silver ball roll and bounce round under the glass top. 
Their first real Pinball experience...
they loved it.

This realtime experience is more intense than an electronic game. They did not realize they could use body language to influence where the ball rolled. I remember the frequent "TILT' penalty I would get for overactive body language.

Back home we played the "Pinball Wizard" song for them, then disagreed
 over who made that song famous first, Elton John or The Who?

Before googling the answer, who do you think made it famous?

Of course, there were other rides and games too.
Now grandson wants to buy a "crotch-rocket" motorcycle.

The intensity and focus in trying to beat a game that is programed against you...

This final photo captures the look of amazement the first time you score an air hockey point against your Pop...

The family outing was a hit for all.


On the photography aspect,  the camera was more than capable of handling this challenging light situation if I used the right settings.  

For the photographer is was a learning experience. 

Ride safe and far my friends, 
Keep clicking.



  1. Family outings are always fun, especially for the young ones. The face expression of the kid playing air hockey is priceless.

    1. Thanks Kolfa, was glad to be able to capture that moment.


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