Monday, February 10, 2020

Icelandic Photo Teasers

The days are going by fast, have taken so many photos with no time to process them.  However wanted to post a few so you know what is happening in Iceland on the expedition.

Will post more photos once I have the chance to select the best for the blog. 
Wrapped up the third day here, two more days of photography coming.

So here we go.

Icelandic lanscape near Reykjavík.

Start with waterfalls, there so many here. Even in winter, the glaciers are flowing water.

The brave return wet from a walk behind the falls, very wet. No place for camera gear.

Rain was our off & on companion most of the first day.

But further east, rain turned to crunchy grainy snow.

Late afternoon we reached Vik and the famous Black Beach with the three sea stacks.

Out on the beach

A brave... or foolhardy soul ventures too close to the water. 

The drop off here is steep, the waves are very powerful. There is swimming or surfing here.
 Every year several people are pulls out into the ocean when they get caught up in a receding wave. 

 The waves at Black Beach. 

Looks like night, but is only 5 pm, on our way to the motel.

Nest morning we are back on a frozen road to take distant shots of Black Beach. 
Every vehicle in Iceland has tires with steel studs in them. 

Black Beach waves...

A very windy panorama shot...

We are on the southwest side of the island. There are numerous one lane bridges on the Ring Road. 
The only road that circumnavigates the island of Iceland. 

The next morning, out the door by 7 am to visit a glacier to try and find an ice cave.

The off road vehicle can only take us so close to the glacier, then we have to hike two miles over rocky terrain wearing steel clamp-ons spikes on our boots, carrying our camera gear. 
Is early dawn and cold, steel spike crunch in the ice and clang on the rocks.

There are rivers flowing from underneath the glaciers. 
The all the rain of the last several days, the rivers are deeper than normal.

Was the hike in worth it?
Well, here is one of the photos I took from inside the cave as the sun came up. 

Weather here changes dramatically hour by hour., or can be the same dull over cast all day long. 

We have two more days here, learning, practicing, enjoying it all.

Hope you enjoyed the teaser photos More to come, my friends.



  1. Very interesting terrain. I especially like the river under the glacier! Looking forward to more photos...

    1. Thanks Richard, Iceland is the land of extremes, in terrain, climate and food, unless you love to eat lamb three times a day.

  2. WOW! What a beautiful place! Certain many of the pics you are taking will be National Geographic worthy :) The cave picture is a beautiful shot. Would love to see color photo of black beach...or is the photo you posted not black and white? Seas look angry; I do hope that "brave" soul getting close to the water made it out of there without finding out how unpredictable those waves can get. Looking forward to all of the other shots!!! Stay warm!

    1. Thank you Lily, Iceland has so many great photo opportunities, am filling the memory cards. Have enough raw materials to keep me editing for years.

  3. Thanks for making the effort and hike to the ice cave. Definitely worth it. Wow. It should win an award!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Sonja, am so looking forward to getting back home and properly edit the best shots I took.

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