Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Iceland Photo Teaser #2

 Just a few shots from Days 5 and 6 in Iceland.  
Will make a full edit of the best photos once I return to Texas next week.

For now... the landscape is vast, cold and empty. 

Icebergs floating out to sea

Stood in a frigid river making waves for this photo.

Iceland is known for its hardy breed of wild horses.

On everybody's bucket list is the opportunity to take a photo of the northern lights. Finally on our last night here, the lights made a faint appearance. Not spectacular and not visible to the naked eye, but the camera captured the green dancing lights using a long exposure.

Thanks my friends for following along on this fantastic opportunity to see and photograph Iceland. It is a spectacular place. Will be posting more edited photos from the trip in the future.

I heard the Triumph Rocket with sidecar frame will be ready for me when I arrive back in Houston. Am looking forward to making the Warthog adventure ready over the next few months.

Ride safe and long.



  1. Iceland + Northern lights, definitely bucket list stuff, thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, Iceland is every photographer's dream destination. So many great locations for impressive photos.

  2. These are on another level, Abu! Incredible pictures and what an adventurous spirit to stand in frigid waters to capture waves :) Beautiful shot!!! I am so excited about the rest of the photos. Really really happy you got to see the Northern Lights. Even if I don't get my huge photo, I am still happy you got to see it. Safe travels back home!

    1. Well the northern lights we saw were weak, not the spectacular green and red you see in the chamber of commerce brochures. But did get a few super landscape shots worthy of a wall hanging. When I get home and can view them on the large computer monitor, I'll know for sure what I got.

  3. Nice pics! Iceland is definitely on "the list" now

    1. Thanks Dom, Iceland is more spectacular in person than in these photos.


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