Friday, February 7, 2020

Iceland Day Two- Downtown Reykjavík

Today the wind was blowing rain sideways. Finally after lunch the rain lightened up, but the wind was still blowing. Took my chances and wandered along the main shopping street in Reykjavík. 

Rather than risk getting the SONY camera wet, decided to use the iPhone camera instead. All of todays images were taken with the iPhone 11Pro Max. Am using a selfies stick and a remote shutter button. People will not know when I am taking a photo or of what. Many times I act like I am taking a selfie but am actually focusing on the people in front of the lens. 

Many shots were taken with the selfie stick pointing down, hoping to get low angles with faces in the shot. How the camera knows which way is up and which is down, I do not know. I do know that I did not have to rotate any of the photos as they came out of the camera. 

The downtown shopping district of Reykjavík. 

Everyone is bundled up against the cold wind. 
Too cold to smile.

Riding with the wind as it pushes you along...

Struggling to walk into the wind. 

Wearing a rain poncho is not a good idea on days like today. It acts like a sail.

No comment, her posture says it all.

For older folks, just crossing the street to visit a neighbor can be as challenge.

Found her refuge from the cold wind.

No matter how cold it is, dogs need to be walked. 

Could not resist taking this final shot of the day. The irony grabbed my attention. 
Used Luminar to make the quick edit.

Tomorrow the group heads out on two large truck type 4x4 buses. We'll return to Reykjavík next Wednesday. But for now, off to the ice caves, icebergs, glaciers and black sand.

More photos as the week progresses



  1. Really like the way you isolated portions of the photos in color with the rest monochromatic!

    1. Thanks Dom, am taking hundreds of photos here, too many to edit in the short time available. Will keep me busy of many months back home.

  2. The "irony" picture...hahahahaha. Clever editing as well. Made it the focal point of the picture ;)
    Looking forward to the next couple of days! Be safe! Love, from home!
    Oh, and unknown=Lily (not sure why I'm unknown on here).

    1. Thanks Lily, I thought it was cold in the capital, only got colder was we drove east along the coast. Finally got snow last night. Am taking hundreds of photos every day and have little time to edit when on the road. Saludos alos tres A's


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