Thursday, November 14, 2019

Project Warthog: Fork Caps part II

The machinist delivered the new fork caps ready to install. They are exactly two inches longer than the original caps.

The owner who sold me the Rocket included the Triumph Service Manual, a godsend. 
The large O-ring tool on the table is critical to accomplish the task of compressing the fork spring and tightening the jam nut inside the fork. 

The spring retainer is needed to hold the spring down while the cap is screwed on to the center shaft. While waiting for the machinist, ordered heavy duty Progressive springs for the front forks. 

With both forks reassembled, we installed the front wheel with a new tire.  
The Rocket is ready for a test ride.

WOW !!!!  does that Rocket have power and torque.... it begs for a throttle roll on. 
It might never get higher than third gear with the sidecamper attached.  It could do wheelies even with a side camper attached, though I doubt I will try that....

Now to pull the sidecamper off of the Vstrom1000, the Beast. 

****    ****    ****   ****

Here the Beast with side camper on our return from Alaska in 2018. Texas Sidecars needs the side camper frame in prep to attach to the Warthog.

With the Beast on the lift, the camper comes off relatively easy.  Having the right tools and a lift, helped things along.

Now all four corners of the garage are occupied. 
Sorry honey, your car will have to stay outside for a few more days.

With the camper tub removed, the sidecar frame come off relatively quickly.  The dolly strapped to the near frame makes it easier to roll the big frame around. The big white tool box on the left is empty. The aluminum box on the right is the car battery holder,  now empty to lighten the weight.

Now to clean up the Vstrom in prep to sell it. Claude Stanley of Freedom Sidecars built a sturdy subframe and robust leading link front end for the Vstrom. Stroker supplied the aluminum wheels for the two 15" car tires.

Took the gas tank off in order to better access the K&N air filter. With it out of the way, was easier clean the filter and strip the auxiliary wiring from the bike. 

With the air filter off, one has to be VERY careful not to drop anything into the air intake throttles.  
Plugged them with shop towels. 

Then cleaned up the electrical area by removing all the extra wiring that powered lights on the sidecar, air horn, GPS, iPhone, etc. etc. The Power Commander stays on the bike.

The dilemma now is, do I try to sell the Vstrom without a sidecar or pick up an inexpensive sidecar to attach. Then the next owner can decide which route they want to take in building out their adventure rig. 

The few problems I had with this rig were with the aftermarket add-on stuff, not the bike itself.  The known weaknesses of the Vstrom1000 are the clutch basket and the clutch slave cylinder, both of which were replace and upgraded. 

Texas Sidecars does not have room in their shop for the Warthog and the side camper frame for another couple of weeks. They will be fabricating the Warthog's subframe then connecting the side camper frame to it before returning it to me in a couple of months. 

In the meanwhile I'll finish cleaning the Beast/Vstrom to sell to another Adventure Rider.



p.s. posted this on Within a few hours, had a buyer for the Beast/Vstrom.  He is driving down this weekend to pick it up. Better get scrubbing and have it ready for him. 

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