Thursday, November 21, 2019

More Photo Tweaks

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Did you know that if you click on the images, it will expand the image to the size of your screen?

And now for some newly edited or tweaked photos...

First some street scenes:

A New Day Dawning...

 Autumn Setting Moon 

Coffee's on...

Carved Door

Looking in on St Francis

Now for some of the old and new missions...


Crisp and clean, Our Lady

 Come on in. Gate's always open.

 Old Sandia Mission
Some structures lend themselves to a particular look or feel...

The Good, the Bad, th...
Can you hear the jingle of spurs,
the metallic spin of a six shooter,
a slow Mexican guitar...
a body lies face down in the dust.

Setting Sun
Fading warmth..

For telling a story or giving trip information, those are pics. My philosophy for photography is the image should evoke a feeling, an emotion or tell a story. There are millions and millions of beautiful images out there that have no feeling.  Eye candy. Calendar photos.
Many great images, even technically perfect images, but with no soul. 

In the motorcycle world, we have a saying: 
Four wheels moves the body. Two wheels moves the soul.  
That's what I'm searching for, to move your soul when you view my images. 

Still learning, practicing, having fun creating a particular look or feel,
 then trying another... there is no final destination, only the journey.

Life is a ride.



  1. I really liked the lighting you achieved in the first and last pics!

    1. Thanks Dom, the lighting you get in the Rockies is amazing. Here in east Texas the cloud cover hides the blue skies most days.

  2. I can't recall if you have done it before, but what about posting the original photo with your modified photo. That way we can see the results of your work. Your pics are amazing, but how much is original picture-taking and composition and how much is post-processing?? The curious want to know!

    1. Thanks for reminding me Jerry, have not done that in a while.

  3. Looks cool but, I must admit, that I’ve never been a fan of over-processed photos. I can understand correcting for color temperature or maybe a stop underexposed but that’s about it.

    1. Thanks for bring that up Richard, many people don't realize that EVERY SINGLE photo they see today, in magazines, TV, Ads, online, wherever has been processed. Too often it is done by AI programs which have been programed or pre-determined what it thinks how you want to see an image.

      Even today's smart phones have photo processing apps in them to totally change the appearance of the photos they take. Some apps are actually quite good. That seems to be the direction smart photography is taking, let the app tell you what is cool and attractive. Not too long ago, post processing was used to manually make a model or a celebrity look thinner, younger. Today a click or two with the app and it's done. Don't like the sky, two clicks and that dull grey overcast is replaced with a brilliant blue with white puffy clouds. Another click and you add sun rays. While the computing power for processing photos will continue to improve and evolve, in the end it is still the eye of the photographer or artist that determines if it is a great image or not. All the trickery or image massaging in the world will not turn a mediocre photo into a great photo.

      Myself, I'm using photography as a means of expression instead of using oil paint and brushes.

      I use snapshots to communicate data, ideas or information about sidecars or rides. They each have their own purpose and application.

  4. If the goal is art than anything goes. But if it’s photography reflecting your experience...


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