Friday, July 27, 2018

Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies

My beautiful bride has read many stories of the majestic Canadian Rockies but has never actually been there.  Earlier this year we ventured a visit to Banff and Jasper, deep in the heart of the northern Rockies. Though visiting Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler was very nice and interesting...

Vancouver - Stanley Park

Vancouver Skyline with small plane landing

Vancouver - Street Musician from Peru

Victoria - Float Plane Taxi Service

Victoria - Canada's Oldest Chinatown

Victoria - Chinatown Alleyway closed to outsiders

Victoria - Regatta

Victoria - old salts waiting for the regatta starting horn.

Visited the First Nations Interpretive Center in Whistler

Then stopped in Banff for it's tourist shopping district...

some did their best to support the local economy

All very nice But...
it was the famous Canadian Rockies in all their glory we came to see.

As part of the experience, we rode the giant Ice Explorer up and out onto the Athabasca Glacier. 
The driver said we were standing on 85 feet of ice.

The day was actually warm but being out on the glacier
is like standing in the freezer locker section of your local butcher shop.

Early morning a flock of Canadian geese would gather on the small lake 
in front of our cabin at the Jasper Park Lodge. 

A new day dawning on the Beauvert lakefront at Jasper Park Lodge. 
Staff has cleaned and lined up kayaks and canoes for the guests use.

The cruise on Maligne Lake near Jasper was fast and impressive, 
but the mood changed once we arrived at...

Spirit Island... still, quiet and peaceful, an air of reverence.

Motor boats are not allowed to proceed beyond this narrow neck in the lake 
in order to preserve the pristine natural beauty of the upper reaches.

Did we see any bears? Well, yes...
a few lollygagging Black Bears

A couple of Grizzy's browsing for lunch, 

inching closer and closer to a two legged snack...

(Does that couple realize a bear can outrun a horse?)

But my favorite bear story was on a t-shirt in Banff.

Amparo was very impressed with the Canadian Rockies, better than the Alps she says. 
I agree.

Ride safe my friends, 


p.s. next adventure is an Alaska run with the sidecamper in August,  if everything comes together.


  1. Great imagery captures Jan!

    Always good to see a subject through the eyes of another captured Vancouver very nicely.

    We skipped Victoria though....

    The Canadian Rockies look magnificent.....not sure if better than the Alps though, will have to see for myself someday.

    Looking forward to the Alaska trip pics. If you come near've got a place to stay.

    1. Thanks Dom, expect a knock on your door next week.... we are leaving Monday once my nephew's Canadian Visa arrives. The bikes are packed and ready.

    2. I'll be home by Monday evening my friend....will be ready.

  2. Found your blog through Dom. Great set of pics indeed.

    But... better than the Alps...? That depends. I am a big fan of of the Rockies myself. However, the Alps are way more drivable, while the Rockies are likely the better mountain range to look at and take spectacular pics.

    Enjoy your trip!

    Greetings from Germany's Black Forest.

    1. Welcome Sonja, my wife loved the week we spent in the small German town of Rimbach last fall, near Mannheim.

      Here is link to that blog post:

      Not sure how close we were to the Black Forest area, which I hear is beautiful. We will be back someday.

  3. I'm a fellow V-Strom rider and just found your blog from Dom's site - great images! Good luck and enjoy your adventure!

    1. MV. Welcome from a fellow vstrom rider. My nephew on a vstrom 650 and I on a vstrom1000 sidecar rig are on our way to Alaska now. Hope to get some photos up soon. Wifi is not always available as we are camping most nights. Not staying long anywhere as are on a tight time schedule.

      The vstroms have proven themselves time and time again as reliable and durable. And they won't break the bank if you do have a problem.

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