Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas eve morn

No snow in South Texas for Christmas, but then we never much expect it either...

Started the day with an early morning ride on a new rig in the stable,
a BMW/Hannigan set up.

Headed out into the foggy bottoms...

The sun finally raised its head and started burning the low clouds away...

Bright sun for the rest of this very breezy day. 

No icicles hanging from the trees down here, so spanish moss will have to do...

Side note: every year some yankee transplant to Texas will drape spanish moss all over themselves as a Halloween costume. Little do they know, but soon learn, ticks, mites, fleas, 
no-see-ums and other biting critters make their homes in the moss. 
No one does it two years in a row.... Hmmmmm. Living in the south makes one smarter.

This as yet un-named rig is a fun ride. Smoooooooth and easy.....
Hmmm, Big Easy or... Velvet Hammer... nah, that sounds like a cocktail.

Either country lanes or interstates, this rig gobbles up miles of paved surfaces...

Gone to the dark side with a rear car tire, so can ride until the cows come home....

Merry Christmas, y'all



  1. Oh that's a nice looking rig!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Jan!

    1. Thanks Dom,
      Hope you and Martha are making more travel plans for 2018.

  2. It looks as if plans have changed. That is a nice looking setup. Is this another one from Freedom?

    1. Merry Christmas Richard,

      No change in plans yet, just decided to expand the options department. Can carry the grandchildren with this rig.

      Yes, Freedom built it, but not for me. Am the third owner. Knowing Claude built it, gave me the confidence to bid on eBay for it.

      Two big rides planned for 2018, another Key West to Deadhorse run, with the sidecamper this time. Contingent upon getting it rebuilt in time. Then if reliable shipping and customs can be arranged for the KLR rig, off to South America in the late fall.

      Your riding plans for 2018??

  3. Beautiful pics as usual, Jan! We need to catch up over some coffee soon!

  4. Thanks Jerry, I'll give you a call.

  5. Finally signed up to follow your Horizons. Don't know if you remember talking to me, I bought a KLR dash kit from you. Then later you provided me valuable guidance for my purchase of a used sidecar rig, a 2003 Suzuki with a Velorex tub. I have really enjoyed it, but am ready to upgrade. Thinking about hacking my '12 DL1000. I'm very interested in your opinion about using the Vstrom as a tug. I read about your adventure to north eastern Canada, but would really like to find out more about the bike when used in that service, etc. I would like to make good on my offer to buy you lunch so we can discuss (or I can listen). Perhaps that can happen early next year, your schedule permitting.

    Have a great 2018, Bud Campbell...

  6. Bud, thanks for joining, feel free to comment anytime. The Vstrom 100 is a strong tug, maintenance is low cost, no big issues with the engine or drivetrain. Easy to gear down for tug work. If it fits you and you enjoy riding it, you'll be happy with it.
    My issues were not with the bike but with aftermarket items added on to it. Will be working out those kinks before the next long trip.

    Shoot me an email ( and we'll get together.


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