Thursday, June 29, 2017

Project SideCamper: Part Five - DAMIT LIVES AGAIN

Project: SideCamper is rolling along. Took him out for a spin since I needed to test the brakes... plus a visit was in store at my favorite temple for a blessing of the rig.

But first the BIG RIG visits the big rigs....

Does this make my...   look BIG?   Yes, Damit is at least seven feet wide, planted on three 15" car tires and carries fifteen gallons of fuel in the auxiliary tank to supplement the 5.8 gallons in the main tank.  He won't go fast, but he can go far.

He thinks he's the leader of the pack.  Speak softly and walk with muscle. 

He wants to know where he can get two big stacks to blow black smoke too.

The tub view... this will be home on the road. Looks small...

Looks bigger here. In an earlier shot of the camper opened.

A rear view of the opened up camper. 
Note the fuel cell has been changed along with many other modifications. 

The tug view... 
This mechanical mule will get the job done. Not quickly, but goes and goes and goes and g...

Then a visit to the temple for an offering and blessing.

I love this oasis of zen and beauty.

Here gathering inner peace and tranquility. 

Breath in positive energy, exhale negativity. Tai Chi was a great life lesson.

Soaking up strength of power and intuitive purpose.

And finally...  
we beat the holy dickens out of any negative spirits who refuse to dispossess Damit peacefully.

Damit III has been blessed and is (almost) ready for travel.

 Just a few more small details to attend to, like 
where to pack my clothes, water, stove, sleeping bag, tools, cover, rain gear, cold weather gear, waterproof boots, walking shoes, food, spare parts, passport, money, maps, camera, computer, chargers, cables, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, bear spray, mosquito headnet, electric jacket, electric gloves, rain gloves, summer gloves, tie downs, straps, tripod, etc, etc, etc... wheoooo! 
And where is my Alaska Leather Butt Pad?

Well, not quite ready, but getting there.

Departure date is July 20th, when Damit will carry me up to Corning, NY for five days at the United Sidecar Association National Rally. 

After the rally we will point the front wheel in the direction of St Johns, Newfoundland 
and Cape Spear Lighthouse (the eastern most point in Canada). 
And points beyond....

Ride safe ya'll


  1. Damit looks like he's eager for the'd the brakes work out? Did you encounter any headwinds and if so, did Damit just power on through them?

    1. One of the brake calipers was slightly canted, thus causing a drag on the rotor. Shimmed it with two washers and is now straight.

      Well Dom, the truth be told, I think I finally have a rig SLOWER than a URAL. The PO geared down this rig for low end grunt power, which Damit has in spades. It is smoothest when cruising at 45-50. At 60 mph the revs are 5000. On the other hand, it will take off from a stop on sand or loose gravel without spinning the wheel or digging deeper.

      It really is set up for unpaved roads. Steering is easy and straight.

  2. Amazing! You inspire me!!! Looking forward to reading all about this next adventure!!!! Glad it has been blessed and negative spirits have had the "holy dickens" beaten out of them. I have to say, I laughed out loud a couple times reading. Great post!


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