Sunday, November 12, 2023

BURGOS, SPAIN - Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María de Burgos

Today we drove under beautiful cobalt blue skies from Valladolid to Burgos, Spain. 
Had heard great things about the Cathedral here, so we decided go see it, 
wander around a bit in the old city and spend the night.

Found a great room near the Burgos Cathedral, in the NH Palacio de Burgos Hotel.
The hotel itself has quite a history as a major part of its structure was a 16th century monastery. It was acquired by the hotel chain in 1977 when the Jesuit school that was using it vacated to a larger facility in the city. 

The old church monastery is on the left, the hotel on the right, but the bell tower in the middle was built sometime between the two. Three different colors of stone and architectural styles.

Literally across the street from the hotel are the walls of the old city.  
The spires of the Cathedral can be seen rising up behind the outer wall. 
What started out for us as a warm day turned cool.

Immediatelly inside the walls, Amparo spots a statue dedicated to the pligrims 
who make the trek on the Camino a Santiago. 
Burgos is one of the larger cities on that route.

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1221, and was completed in 1267. It is an example of the evolution of Gothic style buildings, with the entire history of Gothic art seen in its architecture. Inside is a museum with a unque collection of art, paintings, stained-glass. 

The cathedral is an iconic example of Gothic architecture going all out.

From the cathedral we wandered over to the Plaza Major, 
which seemed small in comparison to others we have seen in Spain.

A building/gate making up part of the surround of the Plaza Major.

There were very few tourists here in November, which suits you just fine. A waiter in a neat clean cafe near the Plaza told us the tourist season was over until next year.
After a great meal of pumpkin soup and artisan bread, splurged on a tiramaisu dessert.


Pretty elegant for a small plaza cafe. It was very tasty.

Back out in the Plaza, Amparo made a new friend.
His name is Tinito.

Burgos is about half the size of Valladolid. In some ways Burgoa has older religious buildings, but not as many. Nor does it have the Royal historical significance that Valladloid does. 

The next day we drove on to Bilbao on the northern coast.


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