Tuesday, October 31, 2023


Halloween in Spain can be a special place or a spooky expereince.

A dreary street, though kids and clowns think alike.

"Ain't no thing as having too much fun!"

Since the restaurants don't open for dining until 8:00 pm here,
popped into a pub for a refreshment. Not expecting to have to stare at this while relaxing...

Why do they have to be old folks, can't young people be scary too?

Hmmm, well, yes they can. Some souls seem to float along like ghosts on parade in the night.
Mirages... reflections... whisps of ghouls and spirits.

Can one see a free spirit in a mirror? Or is that only a vampire thing?

Amparo wanted to get her face painted like this couple, 
but they left their makeup kits at home. 
Sorry girl... maybe next year.

So she settled for a pose with Jack Sparrow's daughter and a vampiress.


Learned a new Spanish word - SETAS???

 Have always been a curious person.  Some say I ask too many questions. But...

Long ago I was taught that mushrooms are called hongos or champiƱones in spanish. 

Here in Spain, mushrooms are referred to as setas.

Learning new words, experiencing different cultures, feeds your brain valuable nutrients. 

Too bad knowledge and setas aren't easing our sore feet from all the walking.   lol


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